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Who We Are

Critical Body is the premier resource for learning how exercise can improve your physical health and mental wellbeing. Our team of personal trainers draws on the latest sports science research to provide workout tutorials and routines for those seeking to improve their fitness in a safe and effective manner.

We firmly believe in the power of getting a proper fitness education. By showing you how to train with the correct technique, our expertly-crafted exercise guides will help you to minimize your injury risk while enjoying the faster progress that is characteristic of using the proper form.

Our in-depth, fact-checked content is primed to improve your long-term health and fitness because we only discuss sustainable and proven training methods. You can look forward to evidence-based exercise tutorials, step-by-step weight lifting workouts, and guides that cover every aspect of strength and conditioning.

What Makes Us Different?

Thanks to advances in the physical sciences and modern publishing technology, there are now a handful of online health and fitness publications that are providing research-backed information. However, like any developing industry, there are still glitches in the system, and so it can be difficult to know which resources to trust.

While our diverse team holds a wide range of opinions and beliefs, when creating our content, we focus on communicating the facts in a personal way that's easy to understand. After all, Critical Body exists to help people live their lives in better health.

After going through our fair share of problems, we understand the importance of long term wellbeing. While losing a few pounds quickly via extreme dieting methods may provide a short term boost in morale, such techniques often lead to misery and medical disorders down the road. As such, we want you to enjoy better health long after visiting our website, and so we devise our articles with sustainability and safety at the core.

Our strength training tutorials take you through each exercise step-by-step so that you can achieve better results (relative to your genetics, commitment level, etc.) while keeping your injury risk to a minimum.

We also discuss common mistakes that gym-goers make when performing these exercises so that you can stay safe while working out. Moreover, you'll find a large variety of alternative exercises in our workout guides that cater to different equipment availabilities, physique goals, and interests.

Meet Our Editorial Team

Headshot of the Critical Body founder Louis Harrison
Louis Harrison
Critical Body Founder
Louis created Critical Body to make engaging, evidence-based fitness information available to the masses. Pursuing his lifelong passion for exercise and strength training, Louis sought to develop a fitness resource that people can trust and look forward to learning from. He aims to help people stay safe in the gym and maximize their results by lifting weights with the proper form and using proven training techniques.
Headshot of the Critical Body General Manager Ted Henderson
Ted Henderson
General Manager
Ted has over 10 years of experience in digital media in the health space. He's worked for numerous print magazines and online publications in positions such as content manager, editor, and operations manager.

Ted loves seeing a good plan come together and takes great pride in organizing his team of fitness enthusiasts. He lives in the Upper West Side of New York City with his wife and two daughters and enjoys playing golf in his spare time.
Headshot of the Critical Body Content Director Steven Connolly
Steven Connolly
Content Director
With a strong background in communications and a passion for making reliable health advice available to the masses, Steven ensures that our data-driven diet and fitness guides are understandable for the modern internet user.

Steven hopes to one day live in a world where we all have access to proper healthcare. He believes that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of physical exercise in a safe environment. He plays his part in this vision as our content director and communications manager.
Headshot of the Critical Body Editorial Director Brianna Martin
Brianna Martin
Editorial Director
Brianna is the editorial director at Critical Body. She leverages her background in digital health media to organize our 13-strong team of fitness enthusiasts and content creators.

She also brings a wealth of hands-on experience to the company. Having competed as a high school track and field athlete in her youth, she still hits the gym 5 times a week, focusing primarily on functional training as a way to maintain both her physical fitness and flexibility. That's why we call her Brilliant Bri.
Headshot of the Critical Body Managing Editor Emily Donahue
Emily Donahue
Managing Editor
Emily is a passionate nutritionist and vegan who loves devising delicious plant-based recipes for her friends and family. When she's not cooking up a feast in her kitchen, you can find her hiking with her dog in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and sampling quirky coffee shops in downtown Seattle.

She's the managing editor at Critical body, and with her nutritional expertise, we've helped countless people improve their health and confidence by losing weight and building lean muscle.

Meet Our Coaches

Headshot of the Critical Body Personal Trainer James Jackson
James Jackson
Personal Trainer
Former academy rugby player James Jackson knows a thing or two about mental toughness. After losing virtually all of his personal training clients during the lockdown (and then getting stranded in Thailand!), James thought that his fitness career was over. He moved back in with his parents, stopped working out, and started devouring junk food.

But James bounced back. After starting work as a fitness content writer at Critical Body, James rediscovered his passion for exercise and coaching. Nowadays, this Brit puts his strength and conditioning knowledge to good use by changing lives through fitness once again. Our resident resistance training expert creates in-depth exercise guides to help people get fit at home and trains clients on the side.

James' story and advice have been featured on media outlets such as Livestrong, MSN, and the BBC.

Contact James:
Headshot of the Critical Body Personal Trainer Liam Brown
Liam Brown
Personal Trainer
Liam Brown draws on his 12 years of personal training experience to create strength training tutorials at Critical Body. After being brought up in a circle of competitive athletes by his physiotherapist father, he understands the critical importance of using proper form in order to avoid injury and build muscle.

Over the course of his career, he's coached countless clients, including high-performing athletes, busy executives, and regular gym-goers, all of whom praise his patient yet detailed teaching style, which he puts to good use in Critical Body's popular exercise tutorials.

Contact Liam:
Headshot of Critical Body author Tiana Walker
Tiana Walker
Personal Trainer
Between hectic school runs and her volunteer work in the local community, this busy mom of 3, Tiana Walker, still finds the time to empower women to reach their full fitness potential. Born and raised in a poor Chicago neighborhood, opportunities were not always forthcoming for Tiana. Yet, the tenacity that she developed in her chaotic youth helped her to succeed despite the setbacks.

For the past 6 years, Tiana has been coaching women in and around the Chicago area, helping them to lose weight, increase their mobility, and gain both physical and mental strength. When she isn't looking after the kids and training clients, Tiana spreads her message by writing for Critical Body and other online health publications.

Contact Tiana:

Our Fact Checkers

Headshot of Critical Body Health and Wellness Fact Checker Nick Liang
Nick Liang
Health & Wellness Fact Checker
Inspired by his occupational physician father, Nick has long understood the critical importance of a research-backed, person-first approach to optimizing health.

As a reaction to our increasingly chaotic and sedentary lives, Nick helps the everyday worker to improve their physical fitness and mental wellbeing by creating sustainable lifestyle interventions that make regular exercise and a nutritious diet accessible to the masses.
Headshot of the Critical Body Strength and Conditioning Fact Checker David Tran
David Tran
Strength and Conditioning Fact Checker
After emigrating to Australia from Vietnam with his parents at the age of 7, David quickly developed an interest in both the physical sciences and physical activity. A keen sportsman, he studies anatomy and physiology and helps the Critical Body team to create content that's grounded in solid scientific theory.

He's fact-checked hundreds of articles on topics such as exercise science, human biology, and sports rehabilitation. In his spare time, he enjoys playing chess and practicing his favorite sport—soccer, which he hopes to make more accessible to disadvantaged youths in his home country.

Our Public Relations Team

Headshot of the Critical Body Public Relations Manager Hannah Nguyen
Hannah Nguyen
Public Relations Manager
Growing up in the vibrant city of Vancouver, BC, Hannah has always loved exercising in the great outdoors. She regularly hikes local trails on the weekend (St Mark's Summit and Quarry Rock are her favorites) to keep fit and wind down after a long week as our public relations manager.

With her warm and welcoming personality, Hannah helps to get our message out there by collaborating with popular new outlets and other fitness publications.
Headshot of the Critical Body Social Media Manager Sophie Miller
Sophie Miller
Social Media manager
In her youth, Sophie never imagined that she'd become a fitness instructor. But while at university, she became intimately familiar with the negative effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. Sensing that she was harming her health by overindulging in junk food, our social media manager changed her ways and started going to the gym in an effort to tone up and improve her self-confidence.

The habit stuck, and Sophie now works out 3-5 times a week while enjoying nutritious meals with her housemates. This regime enabled her to participate in the 2019 Great North Run in her hometown of Newcastle upon Tyne.
Headshot of Critical Body Tech Support staff member Andy Gardner
Andy Gardner
IT Support
Andy is our IT support and customer service manager. He makes sure that our website functions correctly so that we can provide a great browsing experience for our readers.

His determination to always get to the bottom of tech problems carries over to his exercise regime, where he constantly seeks to better himself in the gym by implementing proven training techniques—periodization, progressive overload, antagonistic paired sets—into his workouts.

Contact Us

If you want to get in touch with our editorial team or make an inquiry, then you can email us at info[at] For more ways to get in touch, please see our contact page for a full list of departments.