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A male showing his 16 inch shouldersAre 16 inch shoulders broad for females and males?
A man with 17 inch wide shouldersHow broad are 17 inch shoulders? (for males and females)
A man with 18 inch wide shouldersAre 18 inch shoulders broad for females and males?
A man with broad 19 inch shouldersAre 19 inch shoulders broad? (for men and for women)
A man showing his broad 20 inch shouldersAre 20 inch shoulders broad? (for males and for females)
A man showing his broad 21 inch shouldersAre 21 inch shoulders broad or not?
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A broad male with 23 inch shouldersHow wide are 23 inch shoulders?
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A male with 43 inch shouldersHow wide are 43 inch shoulders? (for men and women)
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