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A man showing that he has an average calf size
The average calf size for men and women
Two bodybuilders flexing what must be some of the biggest calves in the world today
Who has the biggest calves in the world?
Close up of a skinny woman's 11 inch calvesAre 10 inch and 11 inch calves too small?
A man with his hands on his knees displaying his 12 inch calf circumferenceAre 12 inch calves small?
A female with verified 13 inch calvesAre 13 inch calves big?
A woman with 14 inch calves running on the treadmillAre 14 inch calves big? How about 14.5 inch calves?
A man showing his 15 inch calfAre 15 inch calves big or small for men and women?
Close up of a man's 16 inch calvesAre 16 inch calves normal for men and women?
A group of bodybuilders flexing their 17 inch calvesHow impressive are 17 inch calves?
A bodybuilder training his big 18 inch calvesHow big are 18 inch calves?
A bodybuilder showing his 19 inch calvesDo you have the genetics to build 19 inch calves?
A bodybuilder flexing his big 20 inch calvesHow to get 20 inch calves
Close up of a bodybuilder's 21 inch calvesWho has 21 inch calves?
Two bodybuilders who almost have 24 inch calvesDoes anyone have 23 inch calves or 24 inch calves?