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Learn the average weight for a 6’8 male

Learn the average weight for a 6’8 male

This article will outline the normal weight for a 6’8 male so that you can see how much you should weigh.

Obviously, there’s no one best weight for a 6’8 man, and BMI calculators produce notoriously poor results for tall individuals.

This is why we always recommend focusing on your body composition more so than your body weight. By doing this, you can achieve a lean physique rather than just a particular body weight.

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What is the average weight for a 6’8 male?

how much should a 6'8 male weigh

What is the average weight for a 6’8 male? The average weight for a 6’8 male is about 250 lbs or 113.4 kg, which is about 50 lbs more than average for a US male.

Obviously, since a 6’8 man is almost an entire foot taller than average, you’d expect a 6’8 guy to weigh considerably more than usual, perhaps by more than 50 lbs.

And while there are plenty of bulky tall guys, there are also plenty of slim tall people out there as well. So taking both of these body types into account—and all of the physiques in between—we think that 250 pounds is a fairly accurate estimate for a 6’8 male.

For reference, the average man weighs around 200 lbs. So if tall guys tend to be a bit slimmer (less filled out) than average, I think that 250 lbs is a safe estimate for the 6’8 average weight.

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How can a 6’8 man achieve a healthy body weight?

A selection of healthy foods including bread, milk, and vegetables

While it’s true that 6’8 men—by virtue of their higher body weight—need more calories than Joe Average, this all too often turns into an excuse to devour junk food whenever one feels the urge to indulge.

Obviously, this isn’t ideal from a health perspective. You’ll feel (and look) much better if you base your diet around healthy whole foods that are abundant in vitamins and minerals, as well as sufficient protein, carbs, and fats.

When you eat nutritious foods, you naturally have more energy for both work and exercise, allowing you to further accelerate your healthy lifestyle.

As for exercise itself, some workouts can be quite challenging when you’re 6’8, but they’re by no means impossible. 

While some gym machines might be off-limits for those who are really tall, virtually anyone can lift free weights or do bodyweight exercises to strengthen their muscles and bones.

Naturally, due to having a big frame with the capacity to store a lot of muscle mass, some 6’8 guys might weigh over 250 lbs, especially if they have a bit of body fat as well.

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How much should a 6’8 male weigh?

A male that has an average weight for a 6'8 man

Let’s go through a few height-weight combinations to see what they’d look like. This way, you’ll get a good idea of the kind of physiques that are available at the height of 6 foot 8.

6’8 200 lbs

If you’re 6’8 and 200 lbs, then you’ll probably look pretty scrawny unless you’re exceptionally lean (and even then, you’d still be on the thin side).

Consider the fact that the average man is 200 lbs, and you begin to realize that most 6’8 men are naturally going to weigh much more than 200 pounds.

6’8 220 lbs

Those who are 6’8 and 220 lbs will always look slim, but the exact physique depends on their body composition.

As an example, you could be a lean basketball player with some muscle mass and fantastic definition.

On the other hand, you could be skinny-fat, which is where you have a fair bit of body fat but not much in the way of muscle size (a very common physique).

6’8 240 lbs

If you are 6’8 and 240 lbs, then you might have a rather average body type unless you’re lean.

Although many 6’8 people weigh more than 240 lbs, it’s certainly not bad to weigh less than average if you have more muscle than fat, as this creates a healthier body composition.

6’8 250 lbs

Most people who are 6’8 and 250 lbs will look big, not least because they’re exceptionally tall.

Of course, the more muscle you have on your hulking 6’8 frame, the bigger you’ll naturally look because more of the weight will be around your muscles (as obvious as it sounds) rather than around your waist.

6’8 260 lbs

Someone who is 6’8 and 260 lbs likely weighs more than average for a person of their height. But is this actually a bad thing?

If you’re pretty lean, then I’d say no. After all, when you have such a big frame, it can be hard to keep your body weight down, especially if you like lifting weights.

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6’8 280 lbs

It’s safe to say that those who are 6’8 and weigh 280 lbs are in the huge category. You just don’t see people walking around with these body stats on a daily basis.

The only people (that we see with any regularity) who are this big are professional athletes, so you’re likely to be pretty strong if you’re 6’8 and 280 lbs.

6’8 300 lbs

If you’re 6’8 and weigh 300 lbs, then you weigh 100 lbs more than the average person while being about 11 inches taller as well. That’s impressive. But is such a big body actually healthy?

I think there comes a point when too much is too much, even for muscle mass. After all, if you have loads of muscle on your frame, that’s surely putting some kind of stress on your body, having to pump blood to yet more muscle tissue.

6’8 350 lbs

While a person who’s 6’8 and 350 lbs is definitely big, which could be useful for some sports and physical activities (basketball, boxing, strongman, etc.), it’s likely far from ideal if you want to be optimally healthy.

And besides, you could lose 80 lbs and still look big, so there’s no need to weigh 350 lbs if you want to look big and muscular while being healthy at the same time.

6’8 400 lbs

Anyone who is 6’8 and 400 lbs is big beyond belief. In the weight lifting community (presuming that you have some muscle), people would probably refer to you as a monster or a beast. Is this a compliment? You decide.

But one thing’s for sure, from a health perspective, someone who is 6’8 and 400 lbs needs to downsize quite a bit, even if they’re muscular.

Wrapping things up

A man who has a healthy weight for a 6'8 male

So to summarize, the taller you are, the less applicable BMI is. And to be honest, at the colossal height of 6’8, I’d stay clear of virtually every BMI tool unless it’s specifically geared toward tall people.

The normal weight for a 6’8 male is likely around 250 pounds, which seems like a reasonable weight for someone who’s very tall and also fairly lean.

Of course, there’s much more to health than just the number on the scale, so don’t get too caught up on a particular body weight because the actual composition of your body is likely more important.


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