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How to lose your 57 inch waist naturally

How to lose your 57 inch waist naturally

A 57 in waist is very big for men and is also a very large female waist measurement.

Although you shouldn’t feel like you have to sculpt an impossibly slim body, it’s also important to recognize that you can’t achieve peak health while going about your daily business with a 57″ waist.

The good news is that—whether you feel like you are or not—it’s ultimately you who’s in control of the best part of your physical health. By arming yourself with the right knowledge, you can safely and effectively reduce the size of your 57 in waist and dramatically transform the appearance of your body.

How big is a 57 inch waist?

A man trying to stretch the tape around his big 57 inch belly

Based on US measurement data, a 57 inch waist is extremely large and is an example of abdominal obesity, which is a better predictor of mortality than general obesity (which is typically measured by BMI). [1]

In other words, your waist circumference more so than your weight predicts your risk of death. Indeed, in some population groups (elderly people, in particular), having a higher BMI can actually be protective against mortality. [2]

This is not to say that you can be as heavy as you like, providing that you have a slim waist. But it is to say that central obesity is very damaging to your health because it’s indicative of having a high amount of visceral fat, which can lead to heart disease and diabetes.

In terms of size, a 57 inch waistline is nearly 20 inches bigger than normal for a woman and around 17 inches bigger than average for a man.

Why do some people have a 57 inch waist?

A fat man with a 57 in waist chilling on the sofa

While it would be easy to blame the individual for having a 57″ waist, this doesn’t tell the full story.

Our modern society is set up so that you can order junk food to your house at the click of a button. These foods are often lacking in important vitamins and minerals, and they rarely contain fiber or healthy fats.

But by the same token, modern societies, while less conducive to being generally active, are well equipped with gyms. Plus, if you don’t want to exercise in public, you can order affordable fitness equipment (which can be as simple as a pair of dumbbells) straight to your front door.

So, should the people who sell junk food change their ways? That would likely be beneficial to global health, yes. But limiting your intake doesn’t solve the issue of inactivity. It’s so easy to pile on the weight and accumulate a 57 inch waist when you live a sedentary lifestyle.

As such, in attention to restricting your calorie intake, you should aim to increase your activity level, which can be as simple as going for a walk in the park or doing some resistance training at home.

What can you do to reduce your 57 inch waistline?

An overweight man with a 57 inch waist standing next to a treadmill

Changing your habits might take a while, but once eating healthy and working out becomes part of your lifestyle, you’ll have an easier time staying on track and achieving your goals.

There are many excellent weight loss tips that you can find on the web. [3] But let me give you some proven tips here to get you started.

First and foremost, you need to put your body in an energy deficit if you want to trigger weight loss. Creating an energy deficit is easy in theory because all you need to do is increase your activity level and employ moderate calorie restriction.

Also, try to keep stocked up with healthy yet tasty foods so that you can snack on these items if you get intense cravings. For example, if you feel like sugar, it’s much better to eat a delicious bowl of fresh fruit than it is to gorge on ice cream and cookies.

Additionally, try to manage your stress levels. I know that our modern lives are very hectic, but make sure to sleep enough and minimize overthinking so that your body can relax more (this will also help your hormones to stay balanced).

Conclusion: Who should be sliming their 57 in waist?

An obese man with a 57 inch waistline getting his belly measured

Anyone with a 57 inch waist who cares about their life expectancy, quality of life, and physical health, should seek to slim their stomachs.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to lose weight as fast as possible. Crash dieting may well yield faster initial fat loss, but it’s usually unsustainable and can often result in people piling the weight back on as soon as they’ve taken their before and after pictures.

Instead, aim for sustainable reductions in stomach size. You didn’t get a 57″ waist in a few weeks, so you can’t expect to lose it in a short space of time. At the end of the day, losing a pound or two per week will really stack up in inches lost if you stay on track.

If you’re obese, then you might naturally drop weight faster (especially in the initial weeks) as your body reacts to the increase in activity and reduction in calories.


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