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List of NBA players that are 7’2

List of NBA players that are 7’2

Naturally, there are not many 7’2 NBA players because it’s incredibly rare to be 7 foot 2. After all, most people will never even meet someone that tall!

Still, since the NBA attracts a lot of very tall athletes, there have been some 7 foot 2 NBA players, some of whom are currently playing.

So, with further ado, let’s take a look at the best 7’2 players in the NBA.

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Are there any NBA players that are 7’2? 

One of the best NBA players that are 7’2 holding a basketball

Yes, there are some NBA players that are 7’2. Some notable 7 foot 2 NBA players are Moses Brown, Bol Bol, Luke Kornet, and Alex Len.

Obviously, these big men are 7’2 centers in the NBA, although they do have varying skill sets.

For example, Bol Bol is known for his outside shooting, whereas Moses Brown definitely isn’t, although he’s a much better rebounder.  

When you’re 7 foot 2, it’s hard to be athletic because you have so much body to move around, so players of this height won’t have the same mobility as those who are under 7 foot.

Still, with a 7’2 physical presence, you’ve always got a good chance of making the NBA.

Is it possible to be a 7’2 point guard?

Some 7 foot 2 NBA players jumping for the basketball

While there aren’t really out-and-out 7’2 point guards, there have been point guards close to this height, such as Magic Johnson.

Another example is Ben Simmons, who’s the tallest point guard of all time, according to many sources.

Some databases list Simmons as 6’11, others 6’10. Either way, we can see that as you approach the 7 foot mark, your chance of being a guard or even a forward decreases dramatically, although there are definitely some very tall power forwards these days.

A 7’2 basketball player could have the skills of a point guard. But then, it’s not like you need all that height to get your team into offense. Indeed, some of the best point guards are a foot shorter than 7 foot 2!

Do 7 foot 2 NBA players have a major advantage?

A 7 foot 2 basketball player reaching for the net

In terms of rebounding and blocking shots, 7’2 NBA players have a significant reach advantage over their opponents. 

Yet, being this tall inevitably means giving up some athleticism, so they won’t be as quick to react as some of the shorter players on the court.

Some 7’2 basketball players also have excellent 3-point shooting ability, making them a real asset to their team in both offense and defense.

Another often overlooked advantage of being a 7 foot 2 basketball player is that, well…you won’t get overlooked!

While skill is important, everyone knows that basketball is a tall person’s sport, so those who are over 7 feet tall may get more attention with regard to their development as a player (because they’re seen as having more default potential due to their height).

Additionally, tall players, who’ve presumably always been fairly tall, may have started playing basketball at an earlier age due to their stature and will, therefore, have had more time to hone their craft.

Wrapping up

A 7’2 basketball player throwing the ball into the hoop

Now you know all the 7 foot 2 NBA players! There are not many names to remember because it’s so rare to be 7’2—even for a basketball player.

It’s always fun to watch the likes of Bol Bol and Moses Brown in action because you can see how they use their height to their advantage.

Will there be more 7’2 NBA players in the future? Only time will tell. But I think that as basketball gets even more popular, more tall athletes will be trying their luck with the NBA.


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