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Critical Body acquires

Critical Body acquires

As part of our ongoing endeavor to expand our female fitness offerings, has acquired We want to show women that the gym is more than just a place to get fit; it’s an opportunity to meet your best friends for life.

With this in mind, our content team will be launching lifestyle guides that encourage our female community to connect and have fun with the other women around them, regardless of where they work out.

What is was a female friend-finding app that was co-founded by Diana Murakhovskaya and Irene Ryabaya. The female social networking application sought to make the most of modern technology by encouraging women to form connections with those around them.

It can often be daunting to strike up an in-person conversation—especially one that will lead to a lasting friendship. And honestly, many of us businesswomen are so busy that we often let our relationships slip or even erode.

That’s why I was so stoked to hear about Even though the app is no longer running, we truly feel that it was a pioneering creation in the world of female social networking.

While there are other social networking sites frequented by women, none of these were as effective as for developing new, genuine connections with people who shared a common interest. sidestepped the superficial and encouraged women to be upfront about their hobbies and interests. Swiping right might have felt weird at first, but once you looked past the user’s photos, you got a sense of their true personality and whether the two of you would get along.

How is Critical Body different from

While Critical Body has not yet released a female social network of its own, we do feel that it’s important to craft a community of female fitness enthusiasts so that we can encourage women to go to the gym for both the social and physical benefits.

We wanted to highlight as one of the inspirations behind any future social networking projects that we work on. Niche social networks enable like-minded women to form genuine connections with other ladies who have very similar interests, and not just virtual “friendships” that fizzle out faster than you can say let’s work out.

There are still loads of women today who, believe it or not, are actually very intimidated by the gym and the prospect of exercising in front of people.

Wouldn’t it be great if women could use a convenient little app to find a workout friend? They could match based on interests outside of fitness or simply by their training goals.

This exclusively female app could also be used by women who want to find friends to do yoga with or who want to find a jogging buddy with a similar fitness level to them. It doesn’t have to be exclusively based around an actual gym.

Yet, the app could also integrate a mentorship program of sorts whereby women who are more advanced in their athletic training can work (and socialize) with women who are newer to fitness.

After all, some female fitness enthusiasts, as much as they love training, can actually feel pretty lonely in the gym by themselves. So many of these hard-training women would undoubtedly love the opportunity to make their sessions more fun and rewarding by helping out novice female fitness enthusiasts who could become a great friend as well as a grateful pupil.

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