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Does anyone have a 14 inch waist?

Does anyone have a 14 inch waist?

Even though a 14 inch waist might seem like the ideal waist size for those in pursuit of a slimmer body, such a waist measurement isn’t attainable naturally and, if achieved through surgery, can come with some very worrying health consequences.

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Who has a 14 inch waist?

Pixee Fox has altered her appearance by having more than 200 cosmetic surgeries, including getting 6 ribs removed in a bid to sculpt a 14 inch waist. [1]

According to Pixee, who used to be an electrician and who now aspires to be an actor, her goal is to look like a living cartoon.

While everyone has their own idea of what looks good, Pixee’s decision to get her ribs removed caused a shocked reaction from doctors, who claimed she should suffer lunge damage down the road.

Obviously, we hope that people like Pixee can continue to live in good health, but at the same time, it’s important to discourage others from altering the insides of their bodies in order to change their outward appearance.

How small is a 14 inch waist?

A skinny woman getting her 14 inch waistline measured by a doctor

How small is a 14 inch waist exactly? A 14 inch waist isn’t just small; it’s impossibly tiny. A petite woman could get into the best shape of her life, and she’d still have a waist considerably bigger than 14 inches.

Indeed, even young children don’t have a 14 in waist.

Many women attempt to sculpt a 14″ waist by using corsets. And while some research actually shows a benefit to wearing corsets for improving back pain, [2] wearing them too frequently, with excessive tightness, and for too long each time can lead to health complications.

Just know that you could double a 14 inch waistline, and it would still be very small. As such, you shouldn’t feel pressured to look impossibly skinny because pursuing such a goal will likely wreak havoc on your mental and physical health.

How about a 14.5 inch waist?

A lady measuring her 14.5 inch waist

Although bigger than a 14 inch waist, a 14.5 inch waist is still extremely skinny and not achievable naturally for a woman of any size.

Although many ladies want to make their waistlines as slim as possible, there are many downsides to being underweight that few people consider.

First off, you’ll be lacking in important vitamins and minerals if you starve yourself in a bid to get a 14.5 inch waist. These deficiencies will impair the function of your body and leave you lacking in energy and vitality, which can also negatively affect your mood.

So while it’s fine to take inspiration from women that you look up to, you shouldn’t try to emulate people who’re harming their health for the pursuit of aesthetics.

In conclusion

A thin woman holding her 14 in waist

While you might see news stories every now and again with someone who has a really small waist, just remember that these events are publicized for entertainment. The reality is that you’ll go through your entire adult life without ever seeing someone with a 14 inch waist.

I’m not kidding when I say that even 2-year-olds don’t have a 14″ waist, so an adult definitely shouldn’t sacrifice their health in pursuit of an impossible body goal.


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