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What does a 22 inch waist look like?

What does a 22 inch waist look like?

Did you know that a 22 inch waist is nearly 17 inches smaller than the average waist size for women?

Did you also know that many of the people who claim to have a 22 inch waist size don’t?

Many women are obsessed with making their waistline as small as possible. But the truth is that for most ladies—even those with small builds—sculpting a 22 inch waist in a healthy, sustainable manner is close to impossible.

See How Your Waist Compares:

What does a 22 inch waist look like?

In a word, tiny. A 22 inch waist looks very small irrespective of the height of the woman.

This is hardly surprising, though, when you consider that the average woman has a waist that’s 17 inches bigger than our theoretical 22 inch measurement.

A 22 inch waist, in fact, is normal for a 5-year-old girl.

Yes, you read that right. Now, do you see how ridiculous it is to aim for unachievable waist sizes?

You can’t expect to reduce your waist to a child-like size and still live in good health.

So while it’s fine to lose a few pounds (if you need to) and tone up by hitting the gym, don’t try to live up to unrealistic beauty standards that may not even exist in reality (have you actually ever seen such and such celebrity measure their “22 inch waist”?)

Is a 22 inch waist small?

How small is a 22 inch waist? A 22 inch waist is incredibly small and tiny because it’s a normal size for a 5-year-old girl. In other words, few healthy adults will ever have a 22″ waist.

While you might have seen people who supposedly have an hourglass 22 inch waist, many of these measurements are artificially reduced.

For example, measuring your waist when your stomach is empty and then sucking your waist in as you pull the tape around your midsection will reduce your measurement.

Also, while some online sources claim that certain celebrities have a 22 inch waist, there’s usually no evidence that their measurements are real.

How about a 22.5 inch waist?

A woman looking in the mirror at her 22.5 inch waist

Although a 22.5 inch waist is indeed bigger than a 22 inch waistline, half an inch is hardly enough to constitute any kind of noticeable difference.

For example, your waist size can easily increase by an inch or more when your stomach is full.

Just like a 22 inch stomach, a 22.5 inch waist is also an unrealistic measurement for the vast majority of women to achieve because, according to US anthropometric data, it’s the normal waist size for a 6-year-old girl.

There’s nothing healthy about having the same proportions as a young child when you’re a teenage girl or a grown woman. So don’t believe that having a 22 in waist is normal by any kind of beauty standard.

Is getting a 22 inch waist and 36 inch hips achievable?

A woman in a bikini showing off her 22 inch waist and 36 inch hips

While a small handful of professional models may well have a 22 inch waist and 36 inch hips (or a bigger waist but with an equivalent waist-to-hip difference), such proportions are, for the most part, unattainable.

Of course, if you naturally have a slim waist and wide hips, then you might be able to achieve a similar waist-to-hip ratio.

But as for the actual measurements mentioned above, a 22″ waist is simply too small for the vast majority of women to safely attain.

Conclusion: Is it bad to have a 22 inch waist?

A woman with a 22 in waist

Unless you have an extremely small build, then having a 22 inch waist could be a sign that you’re underweight.

While some people recommend using a waist trainer in order to sculpt a 22 inch waist, these devices don’t actually help you lose belly fat or tone your abdominals. Additionally, they can make it harder to breathe and can cause unpleasant digestive issues.

Your best bet for sculpting a waistline that you’re happy with is to eat healthily and follow a sustainable exercise regime. This will help you to create a natural figure that’s achievable for a woman with your body type.

None of the girls that I know (even those who really work out) have a 22 inch waist, so don’t feel that you need to either.


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