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Why do some people have 29 inch thighs?

Why do some people have 29 inch thighs?

Even if you know how to measure your quads to squeeze out every inch, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever have lean 29 inch thighs.

But even though 29 inch quads of pure muscle are unachievable for the average lifter, there are still examples of people who have genuine 29 inch legs.

With that in mind, this guide explains the common causes of a 29 inch thigh circumference. Then, you’ll learn how to both grow and reduce your thighs so that you can attain a measurement that you’re happy with.

See How Your Thighs Compare

How big are 29 inch thighs?

A woman showing her 29 inch thigh circumference

29 inch thighs are very big for both men and women. Many male weight lifters, for example, can squat heavy for a decade or more and still not have 29 inch legs or anywhere close.

On the other hand, if you have good quad genetics and are willing to bulk up to a higher body fat level that may obscure your muscle definition, then it’s conceivable that you could build 29″ thighs naturally.

Women tend to store much more fat on their legs than men (and comparatively less on their midsection). So when you combine this leg-dominant fat storage distribution with genetically muscular thighs, you can see how it’s possible for a woman to have 29 inch legs.

Some research even shows that small thighs increase your risk of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality. [1]

However, it’s unclear at what point your thighs become too big and thus damaging to your health.

If your 29 inch legs are indicative of you being obese, then that could be bad for your health, considering that obesity can reduce your life expectancy. [2]

Is it possible to get 29 inch quads naturally?

A bodybuilder flexing his 29 inch quads

It depends on your body fat.

If you plan on being 15% body fat or less, then it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever build lean 29 inch quads naturally.

There are, however, exceptions to this, as you’re about to see.

On the other hand, if you’re a dedicated bodybuilder or powerlifter and don’t mind hanging around at a higher body fat level and sacrificing some quad definition, then it’s possible to build 29 inch thighs naturally.

But do you really want to limit yourself to tailored pants?

How can you get rid of your 29 inch legs?

A woman holding the skin of her 29 inch thighs

If you’re unhappy with your 29 inch thigh circumference, then limit your weight lifting and focus on cardiovascular activity instead.

Doing cardio helps you to burn calories, which in turn leads to weight loss and a reduction in thigh fat mass.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, walking for 60 minutes per day can cancel out the effects of weight-promoting genes [3] while reducing your joint pain in the process (obesity can worsen osteoarthritis). [4]

If you have naturally big thighs, then low-intensity activities like walking are ideal because they’re less intimidating than pushing yourself to the limit in the gym, and they don’t risk working your legs too hard.

Does anyone actually have 29 inch thighs?

If you ever needed proof that squat strength and quad size are highly correlated, look no further than Robert Förstemann.

The German track cyclist can squat a whopping 400 lbs/180 kg…on one leg.

Förstemann obviously has outstanding quad genetics, which he puts to good use as a professional cyclist. But he also does plenty of work in the gym, squatting far more weight than his rivals and certainly more than the majority of bodybuilders.

Förstemann’s quads are also extremely lean and vascular, so just imagine how colossal his thighs would be if he bulked up to a higher body fat percentage. His tailor would have to work overtime!

Conclusion: Should you be concerned about having 29 inch thighs?

An obese woman training her 29 inch legs at the gym

If your waist is relatively slim—or even just average—and you have 29 inch thighs, then it’s going to be a nightmare to find pants and jeans that fit you well.

Besides making you visit the tailors more frequently, your 29 inch quads will likely also get you a lot of attention—if they’re lean and muscular.

As I’ve said before, most men can squat 4 plates for reps and still not have anywhere close to 29 inch legs. So if your legs are at the 29-inch mark, then you’re definitely in an elite club.

Of course, not everyone has 29″ thighs due to having abnormal amounts of quadriceps muscle mass (though that could well be part of the reason).

Having excess thigh fat is another common reason for people having 29 inch thighs, and it’s something that you can at least partially remedy by losing weight.


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