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Is a 30 cm height difference between couples too much?

Is a 30 cm height difference between couples too much?

This article discusses whether a 30 cm height difference (and similar height differences) is too much of a height gap between couples.

We all have our own opinions on what constitutes an excessive height difference, but one thing’s for sure: You shouldn’t base your relationships on what you think other people will think of the height difference between you and your partner.

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Is a 30 cm height difference between couples too big?

While a 30 cm height difference between couples is very big, it’s not necessarily too big. 

If you think that a 30 cm difference in height is excessive, then that belief is likely due to the fact that you think a 30 cm height gap would attract unwanted attention.

Obviously, nobody wants to get stared at all the time for simply hanging out with their significant other.

Still, a 180 cm and 150 cm couple, for example, could theoretically get on just fine. While their height gap is certainly larger than usual, perhaps around twice as big, I don’t think that it’s a dealbreaker. Not at all.

If everything else in the relationship is good, why miss out on love by worrying about looking too short next to your boyfriend?

Some girls actually like having a large height gap between themselves and their partner because it gives them a point of uniqueness and makes them feel protected.

How about a 35 cm height difference?

A short boy next to a tall boy

Obviously, a 35 cm height difference or a 36 cm height difference are both very large height gaps. But again, there’s nothing inherently wrong with being 35 cm shorter than your partner.

After all, some people are really tall, whereas others are very short. Naturally, some of these people are going to get together, which will obviously result in a dramatic height difference.

The only side-effect of a 35 cm height difference, so to speak, would be that each partner would look even shorter and taller than they actually are. 

In other words, because of the large height gap—the contrast—their stature would be exaggerated in opposite directions.

Some people would call this a complementary height difference.

Who else commonly has a 30 cm difference in height?

A girl getting her height measured by her parents

Parents and their growing children commonly have a 30 centimeter height difference as their children continue to get taller.

At some point, though, their children may become taller than them, which just shows how much change the body goes through during puberty.

Anyway, a male could also be 30 cm taller than his mother or his grandparents. This isn’t exactly uncommon if his father is very tall.

Additionally, while much less common, a man could definitely tower 30 cm over another man if he’s exceptionally tall and if the other guy is pretty short.

Obviously, various animals and objects can also have a 30 cm difference in height. It’s just that these size differences aren’t as noticeable because we don’t care about them as much as we care about human height.

How can you reduce a 30 centimeter height difference?

Close up of a woman's high heels

As I mentioned, there’s nothing wrong with a couple who has a 30 cm height difference. But say you want to close the height gap, is it possible?

Yes—to an extent.

Can you completely close a 30 cm height gap?

No, not unless you walk around on stilts. 

But by making strategic shoe choices, you can definitely shave a few centimeters off a 30 centimeter height difference.

High heels are obviously the best shoe for looking taller, and you can take things further by having your taller partner wear a flatter shoe.

An extreme but not unheard-of height-boosting method is to put special insoles in your shoes, which can often elevate you by a couple of inches. Obviously, most people won’t go this far just to look a bit taller.

You can certainly gain a small amount of extra height (temporarily) by improving your posture, but this won’t make much difference. Straightening out your spine simply allows you to display your full skeletal height.


Since there’s not a lot you can do to reduce a 30 cm height difference besides changing your footwear, your best bet is to just embrace the 30 cm difference in height.

There are couples (and people in general) who have many differences between them, so you definitely don’t need to worry about a 30 cm difference in height.

As you probably know deep down, there’s much more to a relationship than just how you look as an “item” in the eyes of other people.