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Is a 1 foot height difference between couples too much?

Is a 1 foot height difference between couples too much?

One thing’s for sure; a 1 foot height difference between couples is a significant height gap. But is this actually a bad thing?

Some cultures obviously prefer a large height gap, whereas others typically like a smaller height difference.

So, with this in mind, we’ll explore the pros and cons of being one foot taller than your partner.

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Is a 1 foot height difference between couples too much?

While certainly a larger-than-average gap, a 1 foot height difference between couples isn’t too big of a height gap. After all, don’t you think that love is strong enough to conquer one measly foot of stature?

As obvious as it sounds, we’re very sensitive to differences in human height, especially if we come from a culture where great importance is placed on the stature of a person.

On the other hand, when we see a 1 foot height difference between two animals or objects, the size difference is less striking because we’re not generally as self-conscious about whether our car is much smaller than somebody else’s car.

But when it comes to human height, one foot is a lot, and the visual difference will be extremely obvious. 

But in some sense, you could also say that being a whole foot taller creates a good look for the couple because it reinforces the norm of the male being much taller than the female.

Is it normal to be half a foot taller than your partner?

A man and a woman looking romantic

Being half a foot taller than your partner is definitely normal. But to be specific, I’d say that half a foot height difference is slightly bigger than usual, but not by a whole lot.

Whether a whole foot or half a foot is the better height difference mainly comes down to personal opinion and the culture in which you live.

Some men, for example, love towering over their partner because it makes them feel strong and protective.

On the other hand, some people prefer a more subtle height difference so that, as a couple, they don’t attract any unwanted attention.

Is it okay if your girlfriend is a foot taller than you?

A woman thinking

It’s very uncommon for the girlfriend to be a whole foot taller than her boyfriend. I’ve personally never seen such an example in person.

That said, I have seen news stories where extremely tall women, perhaps in an effort to lead a more normal life, got married to a significantly shorter man.

In nature, so to speak, males are usually much taller than females, often by around 4-6 inches. 

As such, it can look quite unusual when a woman is significantly taller than her male partner.

Is being a foot taller than your girlfriend a good thing?

A man and a woman holding a tape measure

Is a foot height difference too much? I certainly wouldn’t say so. After all, human relationships are extremely intricate, and we definitely shouldn’t base our mate choices purely on height or other physical characteristics.

Will being a foot taller than your girlfriend lead to stares, comments, and compliments? 

Probably, but some people may actually be admiring your 1 foot height difference when they see you and your girlfriend walking together.

Yes, that’s right; some people actually want to have a one foot height difference between themselves and their significant other.

So, depending on who you ask, a one foot height difference can be anywhere from ideal to a flat-out dealbreaker.

The verdict on dating someone a foot taller

Dating someone a foot taller certainly comes with its challenges. But as I’ve explained in similar articles, there are loads of couples who have more than a foot height difference between them.

So while 1 foot height difference couples are statistically pretty rare, they’re not completely abnormal either.

The actual height difference isn’t bad at all. After all, there are plenty of children who are a foot shorter than their parents.

I suppose that a 1 foot height difference between two adults is far less common, but still, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. If anything, embracing the difference might help to strengthen the relationship.