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The best 6’10 NBA players (basketball centers and forwards)

The best 6’10 NBA players (basketball centers and forwards)

Our list of all the best 6’10 NBA players shows that height is a major advantage in many aspects of basketball.

Naturally, most of these NBA big guys play center or power forward, but some also play small forward as well.

So let’s take a look at the best 6 10 NBA players and see how much of an advantage they have over shorter basketball athletes.

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Who are the best 6’10 NBA players?

One of the best 6’10 players in the NBA holding a basketball

The best 6’10 NBA players in the Eastern Conference and Western Conference are:

  • Alperen Sengun
  • Andre Drummond
  • Anthony Davis
  • Bennie Boatwright
  • Bobby Portis
  • Clint Capela
  • D.J. Wilson
  • Danilo Gallinari
  • Dario Saric
  • Davis Bertans
  • Dwight Powell
  • Franz Wagner
  • Gorgui Dieng
  • Isaiah Jackson
  • Jabari Smith Jr.
  • Jalen Smith
  • Jarrett Allen
  • Jaylin Williams
  • Jonathan Isaac
  • Kai Jones
  • Kevin Durant
  • Luka Garza
  • Makur Maker
  • Marques Bolden
  • Maxi Kleber
  • Michael Porter Jr.
  • Mike Muscala
  • Nathan Knight
  • Nikola Jovic
  • Nikola Vucevic
  • Noah Vonleh
  • Ousmane Dieng
  • Paolo Banchero
  • Richaun Holmes
  • Serge Ibaka
  • Thomas Bryant
  • Tony Bradley
  • Trevion Williams
  • Wendell Carter Jr.

There are some major NBA stars on this impressive list, including Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, and Alperen Sengun.

You’ll also notice that at the colossal height of 6 foot 10, most of these athletes play center or power forward.

While there have been some taller guards, most NBA big men today generally don’t play point guard or shooting guard because their height is more advantageous to their game as a forward or center.

Who are the top 6’10 centers in the NBA?

One of the most prolific 6’10 centers in the NBA throwing the basketball into the hoop

The best 6’10 centers in the NBA are Alperen Sengun, Jarrett Allen, Nikola Vucevic, Bobby Portis, Clint Capela, Thomas Bryant, and Wendell Carter Jr.

What you’ll notice about these 6’10 centers when you watch them play is that they’re tough yet explosive with excellent rebounding abilities. 

They can swivel around and block shots at a split second’s notice, and they can also run and jump with real power, helping them to dunk when necessary, as well as block and rebound.

Of course, not all 6 foot 10 NBA players play center. Many play power forward, and some even play small forward as well.

Who are the best 6’10 forwards in the NBA?

One of the best 6’10 forwards in the NBA throwing the basketball

The best 6’10 forwards in the NBA are Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Franz Wagner, Paolo Banchero, Michael Porter Jr, Jonathan Isaac, Danilo Gallinari, and Jabari Smith Jr.

6’10 power forwards are similar to 6’10 centers but generally take more outside shots.

There are many power forwards who are under 6’10, yet being tall is also an undeniable advantage for this position as long as that height is accompanied by enough mobility to thrive in the modern game.

Are there any 6’10 guards in the NBA?

A glimpse of who is 6’10 in the NBA

There aren’t really any 6’10 guards in the NBA except maybe Ben Simmons. Magic Johnson comes close at 6’9, but it’s very uncommon for an NBA guard to be 6 foot 10, as players this tall are better suited to other positions.

Of course, if a young basketball player is still physically developing, then they might begin their career as a guard and switch positions as they grow taller.

How about 6’10 female basketball players?

A 6’10 female basketball player reaching for the hoop

While not common, there have been some 6’10 female basketball players like Bernadett Határ and Han Xu. Other tall WNBA players who are close to the 6 foot 10 mark are Brittney Griner at 6’9 and Liz Cambage at 6’8.

When you consider that many female basketball players are around 6 feet or slightly taller, it’s hardly surprising that there are not many 6’10 WNBA players.

Is 6 foot 10 a good height for basketball and the NBA?

A 6 foot 10 basketball player on the court

At the height of 6 foot 10, a player is approximately 4 inches taller than the average basketball player, giving them a sizable physical advantage on the court.

Of course, height alone won’t make you an NBA superstar. But when you pair height with good mobility, the chances of basketball success immediately become much higher.

Many 6 foot 10 athletes are naturally going to gravitate towards the sport of basketball because they will be taller than most of their opponents.

And, because of their useful height, some 6 foot 10 NBA players don’t need to be as skillful as their shorter counterparts.

The verdict: Do 6’10 NBA players have an advantage?

Some 6’10 basketball players

As mentioned, 6’10 NBA players will be able to block shots more easily and impose themselves on the game due to their larger physical presence.

Many taller players are also excellent rebounders, but they obviously don’t need the ball handling skills of the likes of a point guard.

Also, simply being really tall may give you a priority over shorter players, especially at the college and high school level, which is something to consider for tall athletes who are considering basketball as a career.


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