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Best 6’7 NBA players: Forwards, Guards, Centers

Best 6’7 NBA players: Forwards, Guards, Centers

If you want an extensive list of current 6’7 NBA players, including guards and forwards, then this basketball height article is for you.

We’ll also discuss how good the height of 6 foot 7 is for the sport of basketball and which positions come most naturally to a player who’s 6 feet 7 inches tall.

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Who are the best ​​6’7 NBA players currently?

One of the current NBA players that are 6’7

Here is a list of the best ​​6’7 NBA players:

  • Andrew Wiggins
  • Anthony Duruji
  • Anthony Gill
  • Bennedict Mathurin
  • Bojan Bogdanovic
  • Cedi Osman
  • Dalano Banton
  • Dalen Terry
  • Darius Days
  • Dereon Seabron
  • Devontae Cacok
  • Dillon Brooks
  • Dorian Finney-Smith
  • Doug McDermott
  • Duncan Robinson
  • Furkan Korkmaz
  • Georges Niang
  • Gordon Hayward
  • Greg Brown III
  • Herbert Jones
  • Jack White
  • Jamal Cain
  • James Johnson
  • Jimmy Butler
  • Jonathan Kuminga
  • Jordan Hall
  • Julian Champagnie
  • Justin Lewis
  • Kawhi Leonard
  • Kenneth Lofton Jr.
  • Kessler Edwards
  • Kevin Huerter
  • Kevin Knox II
  • Khris Middleton
  • LaMelo Ball
  • Larry Nance Jr.
  • Luka Doncic
  • Maurice Harkless
  • Montrezl Harrell
  • Naji Marshall
  • OG Anunoby
  • Oshae Brissett
  • P.J. Washington
  • Patrick Williams
  • Saddiq Bey
  • Sam Hauser
  • Scottie Barnes
  • Svi Mykhailiuk
  • Tobias Harris
  • Torrey Craig

As you would expect, top-level NBA talent is on the list. Some of the most notable 6 7 NBA players include Jimmy Butler, Kawhi Leonard, LaMelo Ball, Khris Middleton, and, of course, Luka Doncic.

What’s interesting from analyzing this list is that the top 6’7 players in the NBA often play very different positions from one another.

For example, Luka Doncic is primarily a point guard, whereas Scottie Barnes is a power forward.

So at a given height, NBA players can have very different skill sets and even different body types, although most use their size and height to their advantage.

Interestingly, the height of 6 foot 7 is 10 inches taller than average for a regular man but only one inch taller than average for a basketball player.

So while height isn’t everything, this sobering statistic just goes to show that—like it or not—height is very important in basketball.

Who are the best 6’7 forwards in the NBA?

The best 6’7 forwards in the NBA playing basketball on the court

The best 6’7 forwards in the NBA are Jimmy Butler, Khris Middleton, Scottie Barnes, Kawhi Leonard, Andrew Wiggins, Bojan Bogdanovic, Tobias Harris, and OG Anunoby.

These 6’7 NBA forwards are all powerful athletes who have excellent versatility and toughness as well as great rebounding, making them a real asset to their team.

Many power forwards are in excess of 6 foot 7, but with the right skill set and strengths, height definitely isn’t a barrier to success as a power forward, especially given that 6 foot 7 is already fairly tall for a basketball player.

Who are some good 6’7 guards in the NBA?

One of the 6’7 guards in the NBA showing his basketball skills

Some good 6’7 guards in the NBA are Luka Doncic, LaMelo Ball, Kevin Huerter, Bennedict Mathurin, Duncan Robinson, and Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk.

Obviously, it’s more common for 6 foot 7 players to play small forward or power forward than shooting guard (and especially point guard).

Yet, throughout NBA history, there have been some giants who played point guard with great success, so it’s not like you can’t be a great NBA guard if you’re 6 foot 7.

Although there are a fair few 6’7 point guards and 6’7 shooting guards in the NBA, you’ll find many more at slightly lower heights.

How about 6’7 centers?

A 6 7 NBA player dunking the basketball

There are not a lot of 6’7 centers in the NBA since 6 foot 7 isn’t exactly extremely tall for a basketball player. Still, some notable 6’7 centers are Montrezl Harrell, P.J. Washington, Robert Covington, and Oshae Brissett.

The last 3 of these 6 7 NBA players don’t always play center but have in the past.

As you can see, there are way more forwards than centers at the height of 6 foot 7, meaning that center really is a position for the biggest of NBA big men.

Are there any 6’7 female basketball players?

A 6’7 female basketball player on the court

While a less common height for WNBA players, there are definitely still some notable 6’7 female basketball players, including Teaira McCowan, Kalani Brown, Kara Wolters Drinan (retired), and Jennifer Hamson.

The height of 6 foot 7 in the WNBA is definitely enough to get you on a “tallest of all time” list and will undoubtedly be a great advantage on the court.

Obviously, most female basketball players, while tall, are definitely not 6 foot 7.

Is 6 foot 7 a good height for basketball?

A 6 foot 7 basketball player throwing the ball in the hoop

The height of 6 foot 7 is definitely a good height for basketball because it’s slightly taller than average for an NBA player and is naturally a great height for a small forward.

Obviously, height alone won’t turn you into an NBA superstar. Still, being tall is an undeniable advantage in many situations on the court.

Just make sure that you focus on honing your craft and not just throwing your weight around. Remember, the best 6’7 forwards and 6’7 guards are all extremely skillful athletes and not just a big body that makes up the numbers.

Conclusion: Which positions are best for 6’7 NBA players?

A 6’7 basketball player from the NBA crouching down with the ball in his hand

Naturally, the small forward position is a favorite for 6’7 NBA players because, at 6 foot 7, you have more speed than centers and power forwards and more strength and size than guards.

That said, there are a few notable 6’7 guards who are among the best in the NBA, so it’s not like being 6 foot 7 automatically means that you’re going to be a forward.

As you can see, there are a lot of NBA players that are 6’7. The list will only grow over time, and we hope that you can continue to be inspired to be the best basketball player that you can be if you’re an athlete.


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