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The truth about having a 64 inch waist

The truth about having a 64 inch waist

A 64 inch waist is far from the ideal waist size for a woman or a man because it’s nearly 24 inches bigger than average, which means that your health and quality of life would greatly benefit from a reduction in waist size.

Although you might feel like substantial weight loss is light-years away, it’s completely possible to slim your 64″ waist and improve your health by changing your daily habits. Just make sure that you get the go-ahead from your doctor first since there are definitely extra precautions to take when you begin exercising as an obese individual.

How is having a 64 inch waist bad for you?

Close up of a man's 64 inch waistline

Having a 64 inch waist compromises your long-term health by increasing your risk of chronic disease. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, for example, are more common among those with large waists. [1]

When you have a big waistline, visceral fat can start to accumulate around your internal organs, which can impair their function and put your health at risk.

That’s why it’s so important to decrease the extent of your central obesity (and ideally eradicate it completely)—abdominal obesity is more dangerous than merely having a high BMI. Of course, when you’re carrying excess stomach fat and have a high BMI, your health is at an even greater risk.

Another overlooked problem of having a 64 in waist is that such a stomach size can be a genuine barrier towards physical activity. It can be highly challenging to perform bodyweight exercises, for example, when you’re obese.

That’s why you’ll learn how to burn calories with convenient exercises that anyone can perform (no gym needed).

How large is a 64 inch waist for men and women?

A woman with a sixty four inch waist sat on an exercise mat

A 64 inch waist is obviously a very large waist measurement for both men and women, especially considering that it’s around 25 inches bigger than average. Indeed, your stomach is likely to stick quite far out if you have a 64 inch waistline, which could make some people feel self-conscious.

Even though the measurement is bigger than average, there are still many individuals who have a 64″ waist. But since you’re reading this article, it’s clear that you’re serious about making healthy lifestyle changes, which, when implemented consistently, will almost guarantee a reduction in waist size.

Of course, some people have a harder time shifting their excess weight than others due to their stubborn fat storing genetics. [2] However, even with lousy genetics, you can still lose the best part of your 64 inch waist.

Indeed, it’s often said that it takes the right environment to awaken fat-storing genes. So, in a sense, if you avoid triggers like processed food, then you can overcome your genetic limitations.

How can you lose your 64 in waist and keep the weight off?

A fat man with a 64 in waist working his abs

If you want to lose your 64 inch waist and then keep the weight off, then you need to make sustainable lifestyle changes. Let me give you some examples.

Aim for 3 challenging workouts per week rather than 7. You can always do more sessions as your fitness and motivation levels increase, but consistency always beats excellence when it comes to weight loss. If you train every day and then get burnt out and need to take a week off, then that’s pretty much an average of 3 weekly workouts anyway.

Create a moderate calorie deficit of around 500 calories per day. Yes, if you absolutely slash your calories on day one, you can lose weight faster. But, over the long term (which is what matters most), there’s little benefit (and many downsides) of starving yourself.

First off, you’ll likely plateau faster if you aggressively restrict your calories. Plus, you’ll have nowhere to go when you do plateau because your calories are already ridiculously low.

Second, you’ll be more likely to cheat on your diet because you’ll naturally have more cravings when you’re not consuming many calories.

This is why physical activity is so crucial for slimming your 64 in waist. When you work out, you burn calories—calories that you no longer need to subtract from your calorie allowance for the day.

Conclusion: What benefits will you get from slimming your 64″ waist?

An obese woman with a 64 inch waist doing some exercises

Losing weight and reducing the size of your 64 inch waist will take pressure off your joints, boost your muscle strength and bone density—if you perform resistance training—and increase your cardiovascular fitness.

Additionally, many people notice a significant improvement in their energy levels and vitality when they lose body mass.

Exercise in and of itself can also give you a nice dopamine boost that will make you feel happier and like you want to work out again (it’s why working out can actually be addictive for some people!).

Also, remember that the best workout routine is the one that you find most enjoyable and can stick to. So be sure to start with exercises that you feel comfortable performing before moving on to more challenging training methods. [3]


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