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How dangerous is a BMI of 13?

How dangerous is a BMI of 13?

A BMI of 13 is extremely skinny and is rightly categorized as severely underweight. 

Most people simply would not be able to survive with a 13 BMI due to the fact that they would have virtually no muscle mass and body fat.

Certainly, a BMI of 13 is not something that a person should aim for. Not just because it’s a health hazard but because extremely low BMIs are not physically achievable either.

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What does a BMI of 13 look like on a person?

A thin woman who has a dangerously low 13 BMI

Even those who suffer from extreme anorexia don’t have a BMI of 13 because such a low body mass index is close to impossible for a human to reach.

A person with a 13 BMI would look absolutely emancipated with almost no muscle mass or fat tissue, giving them a skeletal appearance.

Even a 13.6 BMI or a 13.9 BMI, although higher, would be too underweight for most people to reach. Indeed, the body would succumb before a person’s body weight got low enough.

Is BMI 13 a sign of anorexia?

A woman who has a 13 BMI and anorexia

A BMI of 13 and even a BMI 5 points higher is a sign of anorexia. As mentioned, those with severe anorexia don’t usually have a 13 BMI, meaning that such a body mass index is extremely dangerous.

If someone has a body mass index of 13, then they require immediate medical attention as their body likely can’t exist in such a malnourished state for much longer.

We realize that low BMIs are often glorified by people, but the truth is that people who are extremely skinny often need professional psychological help and definitely not more weight loss.

Is a BMI of 13.5 too skinny?

A woman wishing she had a BMI of 13.5

A BMI of 13.5 is far too skinny for a person to be even remotely healthy. You could go your entire life without seeing a person who has a 13.5 BMI.

While some people lose weight because of an illness or situations outside of their control, others have eating disorders that cause their weight to plummet.

This is why we always recommend that those with a low body weight seek the help they need before their lack of body mass puts them in grave danger.

Conclusion: Can a person have a body mass index of 13?

Most people can’t reach a body mass index as low as thirteen because their body wouldn’t be able to support life with such a low body weight.

Because of this alarming reality, a BMI of 13 is certainly not a body mass index that should be aimed for.

If you have a low BMI but believe that you’re not skinny enough, it’s critical that you seek professional help before your low body weight becomes life-threatening.