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Do you have a BMI of 45?

Do you have a BMI of 45?

If you have a BMI of 45, then you’re five BMI points into the class 3 obesity category, meaning that you’re severely obese and 15 points above the average male BMI (the same goes for women).

People who have a 45 BMI score are likely to be abdominally obese and thus have visceral fat, which wraps around abdominal organs like the intestines, pancreas, and liver.

Ultimately, a person with a body mass index of 45 is likely putting their health at serious risk and will need to undergo doctor-supervised weight loss in order to achieve a healthier body weight.

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How obese is a BMI of 45 for females?

An obese BMI 45 female

A BMI of 45 is obese for a woman and is often referred to as morbid obesity, although class 3 is the correct classification.

A BMI 45 woman has a body mass index that’s over 15 BMI points higher than average for a female.

An average that is, might I add, already too high for a woman to enjoy her best health.

As such, it’s important that women with a 45 BMI start to lose weight as soon as possible (while they still have some mobility) so that their weight doesn’t spiral out of complete control.

Is a 45 BMI severely obese for males?

A BMI 45 male doing some exercise

A BMI of 45 is severely obese for a man because such a body mass index is nearly 16 BMI points higher than average for an adult male.

Because a man with a 45 BMI is unlikely to be eating healthy and following a physical fitness routine, it’s important that he talks to his doctor before beginning a workout program or changing his diet.

Since a severely obese individual is more likely to experience health complications than those of a normal weight, a full medical checkup is necessary to ensure that their body can cope with the stress of regular exercise.

Additionally, getting professional help will allow a nutritionist or dietitian to give you a personalized diet plan that works for your body and current lifestyle, making successful fat loss much more likely.

What weight is a BMI 45 person usually?

A man stood on a weighing scale

Since your BMI is simply a number based on your weight and height, it’s possible that two people can both have a 45 BMI while having vastly different body weights.

Because of this, it’s not possible to say for certain how much a BMI 45 individual weighs.

One thing we do know, however, is that someone with a body mass index of forty-five weighs much more than average for a person of their height.

What does a BMI of 45 look like?

An overweight 45 BMI female

A person with a body mass index of 45 looks obese because a BMI of 45 is a virtual guarantee of excess body fat.

While everyone stores fat in different places, it’s likely that an individual with a 45 BMI will have excess fat all over their body, which could inhibit their movement in some cases.

As I’ve explained in similar articles, abdominal fat is especially bad because it leads to visceral fat. 

So if you’re a man whose waist is bigger than 40 inches, for example, then you are risking the accumulation of visceral fat around your abdominal organs, which can lead to chronic disease (diabetes, heart disease) and other health problems (high blood pressure, insulin resistance).

Conclusion: Why is having a body mass index of 45 bad?

Having a BMI of 45 is bad from a physical health standpoint because severe obesity can greatly impact a person’s quality of life.

A person with a 45 BMI or a 45.5 BMI is at the point where, if they get any heavier, comfortable movement and everyday activities may no longer be possible to enjoy.

Additionally, carrying so much excess weight really puts a lot of strain on a person’s biological system, which is why obesity is linked with numerous dangerous diseases.

Thankfully, with the right help, it’s possible to lose weight (and even transform your body) if you have a body mass index of 45. By eating in a calorie deficit, your body has no choice but to drop fat, and regular exercise will only help the weight to come off.