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Can tall girls wear heels? Yes. But should they wear heels?

Can tall girls wear heels? Yes. But should they wear heels?

Can tall girls wear heels? This is the question that we’ll be debating today. 

While many tall girls embrace their height and wear whatever heels they like, some tall women worry that adding high heels to their outfits will make them tower above everyone they meet.


Can tall girls wear heels?

Tall girls can absolutely wear high heels. After all, there’s no rule or even an informal code of conduct that prevents a tall woman from wearing a particular kind of footwear.

Sure, there are pros and cons of wearing heels as a tall girl, and, depending on your point of view, the advantages might well make up for the drawbacks.

Pros and cons of wearing heels as a tall girl

Tall women in high heels aren’t exactly a common sight because many tall ladies think that their already impressive stature is quite enough.

Yet, as you’ll see, there are definitely benefits of wearing heels as a tall woman.

Pro: Heels can make you confident

A tall woman in high heels looking out her office window

It’s well known that all else being equal, taller individuals have a higher social status than their shorter counterparts. This respect and popularity can help you succeed in your career as well as in your personal life.

There’s something about being taller than the people you meet that fills you with confidence. Being a tall girl makes you feel unique, and you know deep down that you should make the most of your natural gifts.

Whether heels are too much in addition to your tall stature is up to you. A good compromise is to wear kitten heels that have less elevation but which will nonetheless take your feet off the ground and boost your height.

Pro: You’ll command attention

should tall girls wear heels

Besides the sound of your heels tapping against the floor, the sight of a tall woman in heels can command attention for a few reasons.

One, people seem to have a lot of respect and admiration for tall people, especially those who are taller than them.

Second, when you see a very tall woman, you immediately take notice because it’s a pretty rare sight for most people.

Making the most of the social status and attention that comes with being a tall girl—something that wearing heels may help to reinforce—can enable you to secure high-paying employment and enjoy a successful career.

It’s no surprise that many successful business women wear heels regardless of their height!

Con: You might tower over everyone

A tall and short woman stood next to each other

While some women love towering over the people they meet, other girls constantly worry about being too tall.

Will guys still like me if the usual male-female height difference is reversed?

Will other women gossip about my never-ending legs and my “overconfidence” to wear heels despite my height?

These are typical concerns that tall girls have. But often, once you wear heels frequently, people become used to you and are more likely to approach you.

Con: Heels can be uncomfortable

A woman holding her foot because it hurts from wearing heels

Regardless of your height, high heels can be pretty uncomfortable, especially if you wear them day in, day out.

While many women feel that heels are a must for the workplace, you shouldn’t feel like heels are an integral part of your outfit if you find them uncomfortable.

I’m sure that a lot of other women wish that they didn’t have to wear heels. So you might just start an office trend if you decide to ditch the heels in favor of a flatter, more comfortable shoe.

Do heels make you taller?

A woman wearing red high heels

Do heels make you taller? Yes, heels definitely make you taller because the heel part of the shoe elevates your feet off the ground and increases your height.

Of course, wearing heels doesn’t make you permanently taller; they simply give you a height boost while you’re wearing them.

How much taller do high heels make you?

a business woman in high heels reading a magazine

Heels definitely make you taller, oftentimes significantly taller. The precise amount of height that you gain from wearing high heels depends on how many inches the heels elevate your feet off the ground.

A height gain of 2-3 inches while wearing heels is typical, although some larger heels can definitely boost your height by 4 inches or more.

By the same token, smaller heels might only give you a 1-2 inch height boost, which might be preferable for taller girls who don’t “need” the extra height as much as other women.

The verdict: Should tall girls wear heels or not?

So, should tall girls wear heels? I think that if a tall girl can tolerate heels and likes being really tall, then there’s no harm in her wearing high heels.

Sure, she might intimidate a few people if the heels make her exceptionally tall, but that’s life as a tall woman.

Being tall is often seen as a good thing, so I say embrace your height and wear heels if you want to. You can always experiment with different heel heights and see which shoe gives you the right amount of elevation.