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Can tall girls be cute?

Can tall girls be cute?

While most people would definitely agree that short girls are cute, does the same hold true for tall girls?

As you’ll soon learn, if a girl is exceptionally tall, then she might have an initial cuteness disadvantage. But, if you embrace your femininity and wear cute outfits, among other things, then you can definitely look cute as a tall girl.


Can tall girls be cute?

are tall girls cute

Can tall girls be cute? Yes! Tall girls can definitely be cute and adorable, sometimes even more so than their shorter counterparts.

You see, some short girls wish they were taller, and so they act more aggressively in order to seem like a bigger person, so to speak.

And while they might have a good reason for being loud, this can backfire in a sense because it can make them seem less cute.

You can use this to your advantage as a tall girl by changing your outfits, body language, and approach to conversation to look cuter.

How can tall girls be cute?

Here are some ways that tall girls can instantly become cuter.

Change your hairstyle

A woman with nice brown hair

Longer, softer hair usually looks cuter than shorter, firmer hair. You can always curl your hair to enhance its curves, but straight hair can work as well.

You might also want to embrace your natural color because a natural appearance, both in terms of hair and makeup, will definitely make a girl look cute.

Of course, done right, makeup may also make you look cute and enhance your appearance. You just don’t want to go overboard, that’s all.

Play with your hair

A woman touching her hair

When you’re talking to a guy or are sitting in class, playing with hair, which might already come naturally to you, is an easy yet highly effective way to seem cute.

Playing with your hair in front of others will get them to focus on your lush, beautiful hair, which will help to reinforce your cuteness.

Avoid heels and shoes that make you taller

Close up of a woman's high heels

If you tower over everyone you meet, your height may well earn you respect and admiration, but it definitely won’t make you look cute.

Instead, opt for a flatter shoe without a pointed toe.

Some tall girls love wearing heels, which is fine. However, when you want to look cuter, increasing your already tall stature can backfire big time.

Speak softly and avoid shouting

A couple on a date

Nobody appreciates getting shouted at unless it’s an emergency. So if you want to appear cute, speak softly and avoid raising your voice unnecessarily.

While there’s no need to try and alter your natural voice to please other people, speaking softly will enhance your femininity. 

Wear cute outfits and shoes

A cute tall girl walking in the park

Wear clothes like skirts and dresses rather than jeans, pants, or shorts. You can take this a step further by wearing lighter clothing that has floral patterns.

In terms of shoes, you’ll want to avoid heels most of the time and stick to flatter shoes that go with your outfit and that have a rounded toe rather than a pointed one.

Don’t forget to smile

A cute smiling woman

It might not always seem that way, but there really is a lot to be happy about in today’s world. So, unless you have a genuine reason to be down in the dumps, make sure to smile when you’re talking to people.

You don’t need to do the widest possible grin and strain your facial muscles; a pleasant smile is more than enough.


As we’ve learned, tall girls can definitely be cute. While being tall may, in some cases, make it harder to be cute, there’s much more to cuteness than just stature.

So embrace your femininity and enjoy being cute; it doesn’t take anything special to look cute, and you can start right away.


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