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Are tall girls intimidating and scary?

Are tall girls intimidating and scary?

Why are tall girls intimidating to some men? Is it because the men wish they were tall? Or is it simply because tall girls often unapologetically embrace their impressive height?


Are tall girls scary?

are tall girls scary

Some people may think that tall girls are scary if their height makes them feel short. But at the same time, many tall girls are super friendly and just like everyone else except, well…taller.

If a guy is particularly short, for example (or simply insecure about his height), then he might be intimidated by tall girls.

Perhaps this is because he doesn’t feel that he could “handle” a tall girl, so to speak, or it might just be because he really doesn’t like his short stature, which he gets reminded of when he sees a tall woman.

Why are tall girls intimidating?

A tall and short woman stood next to each other

Tall girls aren’t intimidating to everyone, especially people who are secure in themselves and their own appearance and height.

However, some men can feel a bit emasculated when they see a tall girl. This is obviously not the fault of the woman; rather, it’s because some guys feel that tall girls are too good for them.

Similarly, if a guy is really insecure about his own height, then he might not like it when a woman is taller than him, especially given that a male-taller norm does exist in society.

Some other women may also be intimidated by tall girls if they’re short themselves or are not used to talking and hanging out with tall girls.

For example, some short girls might worry that hanging out with a really tall girl would make them look absolutely tiny.

They tower over you

A woman getting her height measured with a stadiometer

Let’s be honest; many of us feel a slight sense of intimidation, if not inferiority, when we see a tall person who absolutely towers over us and everyone else in their vicinity.

Tall people are usually physically strong and have a solid build, which can make some people feel weaker and less capable.

Of course, extremely tall people can be super friendly, so there’s not usually anything to worry about.

Still, when you initially see a really tall girl, you might feel intimidated by her impressive stature.

They’re not afraid of their height

A confident woman standing with her arms crossed

While some tall girls dislike their height, many also embrace their tallness and even accentuate it by wearing heels.

This radiating confidence and femininity can again make some people feel intimidated, insecure, and emasculated if they themselves lack the inner confidence that a particular tall girl has.

How can a tall girl look less intimidating?

An attractive blonde woman

If you’re a tall girl who’s worried about scaring away the people that you meet, first of all, don’t worry about it. While some people will always be intimate by your height, many won’t, so you don’t have to drastically change yourself.

That said, going for a more, shall we say, cute appearance can definitely make you seem more approachable and less intimidating.

If the weather is appropriate, wear dresses and skirts rather than pants. 

Opt for a flat shoe with a rounded toe rather than heels or shoes with a pointed toe.

Curl your hair, grow it long, and wear minimal makeup.

Speak softly and try not to shout unless absolutely necessary.

These are just some of the ways that a tall girl can soften her appearance and look less intimidating.

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Tall girls can be polarizing; some people are really intimidated by them, while others are drawn to them and admire their confidence and impressive stature.

Of course, many models are tall, so being a tall girl certainly isn’t a bad thing in today’s society.

At the end of the day, while there are ways to soften your appearance, tall girls should just embrace their height (which many people are likely jealous of) because it’s not something that you can change anyway.