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What’s the deal with Men’s forearms? Are muscular forearms attractive to girls?

What’s the deal with Men’s forearms? Are muscular forearms attractive to girls?

We have over 100 forearm articles on this website. And while doing my research for new topics, it occurred to me that many women are particularly fond of men’s forearms. But what exactly is so attractive about these male forearm muscles?

I decided to do my research. So in this article, I’ll tell the fellas how they can build nice forearms, and I’ll also try to explain (with plenty of female input) why the ladies like muscular and hairy forearms on men.

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The truth about mens forearms

A man flexing his nice forearms

Let’s talk about the truth to these “sexy forearms” that women are drawn to on their favorite celebrity (or that guy from the rolled-up sleeves meme).

The lower arms are often on display a lot more than other muscles, and hence they garner a lot more attention from onlookers, whether intentional or not.

Many men also have a lot of veins on their forearms which is a symbol of a lean physique and a muscular body.

Moreover, it’s the forearms that are responsible for lifting objects. Or, at the very least, supporting your legs and back as you hoist weighty pieces of furniture around the house or lift dumbbells at the gym.

Also, the forearms are connected to the hands, which are apparently another significant feature on the physique of a man, like his sexy forearms, that women seem to love, so that connection could be a reason for this forearm fascination.

Why does the male forearm look muscular compared to the female forearms?

A man and a woman standing with their arms folded

The more bone mass you have, the more muscle tissue you can support. This is because there’s simply more room to house all of the muscle tissue on a bigger frame. So, since men generally have larger, sturdier frames than women, a man’s forearm also tends to carry more muscle and is capable of producing greater strength. [1]

Of course, men and women are sometimes of a similar height. But even so, men still have broader frames that are more conducive to supporting upper body muscle mass.

Likewise, and especially when it comes to hairy forearms, it’s more than just bone mass that determines whether the male forearm will be muscular. Hormone levels, and in particular, high testosterone levels, will result in more hair growth and muscle development.

Women have less testosterone than men, so perhaps they find this opposite feature attractive.

Male forearm importance

A welder working in his garage

Us men use our forearms in our everyday life. So do women. And even if you’re slumped on the sofa playing video games all day, your forearms are still active to a surprisingly large extent because many of these muscles actually insert into the hands and fingers.

However, having strong forearms as a man is important for a number of reasons.

First of all, at some point in your life, you’re going to need to lift heavy objects. And if you can’t call on that raw masculine grip strength, then you’re going to struggle to move something simple like furniture even if you have help.

Of course, there’s no need to get bodybuilder-like forearms as a man. Still, having dependable strength in your limbs is never a bad thing, either.

More importantly, forearm development is correlated with grip strength. And grip strength is correlated with quality of life. [2] So I suppose being weak isn’t much fun if you’re a man.

But don’t feel bad if you don’t have a typical man’s forearms right now. [3] In a minute, I’ll tell you exactly how to change the appearance of your lower arms naturally.

How do you get hairy forearms?

The hairy forearms of a man

People from certain parts of the world tend to have hairier forearms than others. Of course, individual genetics plays a role too. But if you’re a man who’s wondering how to get hairy forearms, then there’s not much that you can do to get hairier naturally.

While it’s possible to remove hair, you can’t add it unless you’re still in puberty.

Are muscular forearms attractive?

A man showing his forearms to the girl behind the camera

According to the opinions of many ladies that I asked during my research, they do indeed find mens forearms attractive. When guys roll up their sleeves, you can see the bones, veins, and muscles, and this seems to be appealing to a number of women.

Also, having muscular forearms is a symbol of strength and hard work. While some men naturally have more developed forearms than others, it’s resistance training (and thus hard work) that determines who gets nice forearms.

It follows that if you have big male forearms, then you’ll also be capable of lifting heavy objects and providing resources. After all, you’ll need some strength to reel in those fishes, boy!

Sheer forearm size and actual lower arm strength, however, don’t form a perfect correlation. For example, a bodybuilder might have larger lower arms than an arm wrestler. But I’ll bet you anything that the bodybuilder actually has weaker muscles overall.

Do girls like forearms?

Based on the opinions of women that I’ve asked and the countless online threads that I’ve read, it sure seems that women like forearms. How much? You’ll have to ask them. Obviously, some women will appreciate a man’s forearms more than others due to individual preferences, cultures, etc.

What can you do to get nice forearms?

A man training his forearms

If you want to learn how to get nice forearms, then see our how to increase forearm size guide for full workouts and more. But let me give you some quick and effective training tips right now.

First of all, I recommend focusing on strengthening your grip because not only will you develop nice, masculine forearms this way, but you’ll also develop a firm handshake that earns you respect from others.

Also, eat enough quality protein and calories to support your training. You don’t need to go overboard and bulk like a bodybuilder, but getting in the necessary nutrients to support new muscle growth is very important.

Moreover, try and be patient if you can. I know that you might feel like every man has better forearms than you, but muscle growth requires patience.

Don’t think that you can speed up your results faster by doing more training than is necessary, either. Past a certain point, more weight lifting can actually hinder your progress and lead to injuries, especially with a small joint like the wrist.

The verdict on men’s forearms: Explaining the obsession

A man in a shirt folding his arms

I never knew that I’d find such a fascination with forearms during my usual round of scientific investigation. We’re mainly focused on physical fitness and health around here, but it’s interesting to see that many people seem to appreciate a pair of nicely developed forearms.

As I alluded to above, the forearms are a symbol of strength because they’re generally the first point of contact when lifting things.

Likewise, they’re usually on display in everyday life and are highly visible to anyone who you meet in the same way that your face is. And we already know how much everyone likes faces!

So when you ask questions such as do women like forearms and are muscular forearms attractive, what you’re really saying is, do they like human beings. Because, after all, while not as pretty or unique as the human face, the forearms are still a prominent body part that will garner attention. So roll those sleeves up and get to work, fellas!


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