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Wrist curl machine: Worth buying for the forearms?

Wrist curl machine: Worth buying for the forearms?

The lower arm muscles are a stubborn muscle group to isolate. So it can often be a good idea to buy a wrist curl machine so that you or members of your gym can achieve proper forearm stimulation.

Unlike regular forearm curls, a good wrist curl machine removes the danger from the exercise because you don’t have to awkwardly lift a barbell into place.

In this guide, you’ll learn precisely why investing in a forearm curl machine for your personal use, for your commercial gym, or for a fitness equipment business, is a great idea.

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Why buy a wrist curl machine?

I was actually quite frustrated when I was shopping for a wrist curl machine. Why?

Because only a few reliable companies are selling them!

I suppose that people are more interested in the bench press and other gym machines these days, but the forearms are a crucial muscle group because they’re used during practically every upper body exercise.

But why purchase this type of machine in the first place? Well, you might want to buy one for personal use. Since these machines aren’t overly expensive, it’s actually the type of training station that you could put in your home gym.

Also, if you’re a gym owner, you’ll set yourself apart from the usual ‘copy and pate’ gyms that are full of the same equipment. Serious strength trainees will most certainly appreciate having a dedicated forearm curl machine so that they can bulk up their lower arms safely.

Finally, if you sell fitness equipment, then adding some kind of wrist curl machine to your product line can help bring all of this together. You’ll be helping gym owners by making the equipment available, and you’ll also increase the popularity of your brand by making this fantastic equipment known to more fitness enthusiasts.

What are the benefits of a wrist curl machine?

Wrist curl machines are quite a rarity in gyms today. And that’s a shame because they have some really cool benefits for those who are heavily into their resistance training.

Better forearm isolation

Using a wrist curl machine makes cheating the weight up virtually impossible because of the fixed range of motion. [1] This makes isolating your forearms much more straightforward, which can lead to better long-term muscle growth.

Great for your grip

If your grip is quick to fatigue during compound movements, such as deadlifts and chin-ups, then training on a wrist curl machine can strengthen your grip by working the forearm flexors and extensors. [2]

Also, because these machines work your forearms exclusively, you can be sure that you’re always going to get the best results because your lower arms are completely isolated.

Highly affordable

Some gym equipment can cost thousands of dollars. Yet, you can pick up a wrist curl machine for only a few hundred bucks!

Plus, if you’re looking to offer this type of forearm exercise tool to consumers, you can receive some great discounts by ordering in bulk.

Simple setup

Lugging a heavy barbell across the gym floor and then over a weight bench can put your wrists in jeopardy. But with a dedicated machine, the handle is already in the anatomically correct position. As such, you don’t have to strain your wrists by lifting free weights into awkward positions.

Additionally, as a gym owner, your members will no longer have to wait for benches to become available because they can simply train their forearms on a dedicated machine.

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What’s the average wrist curl machine price?

This obviously depends on where you order from and the quantity that you purchase. But in general, you can get a wrist curl machine for between $200-$400 from many suppliers.

Where can you buy a wrist curl machine?

You can buy wrist curl machines from wholesale retailers like Alibaba. There aren’t too many other suppliers that offer these machines, because as I mentioned, they’re not as popular as more mainstream exercise equipment like treadmills, benches, etc.


Whether you’re a gym owner, a home gym trainee, or someone who sells fitness equipment, a wrist curl machine is a great product to purchase.

First of all, these machines offer unparalleled forearm isolation because the machine’s fixed path can’t rock from side to side like free weights can. This helps you to avoid injury because there are no sudden jerks in the lifting motion. However, it also leads to a better muscle pump because your lower arms receive all of the tension.

Moreover, members of your gym, if you’re a fitness facility owner, will appreciate having a dedication station for training their forearms. It’s a particularly beneficial investment if you run a bodybuilding gym because weight lifters are always looking to train their muscle from different angles to get those gains.


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