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Is a 10 inch height difference too large?

Is a 10 inch height difference too large?

You can sum up a 10 inch height difference with one word; dramatic.

When a couple has a 10 inch difference in height, the difference is striking and immediately obvious to anyone who has eyes to see.

Knowing this, is it possible that a 10 inch height gap is excessive?

Or, could you argue that a ten inch height difference is actually desirable?

Let’s explore both opinions to learn the advantages and disadvantages of a ten inch difference in height.

Is a 10 inch height difference between couples too much?

Although a 10 inch height difference between couples is a lot, it’s not too much because height isn’t the most important thing in a relationship.

Sure, most people, if they’re male, prefer a woman who’s shorter than them. And the opposite of this is also true; women generally prefer guys who are taller than them.

Of course, some people would say that a 10 inch difference in height is excessive because it will make the girl look really short.

But you should also remember that a woman can be 10 inches shorter than her boyfriend without actually being outright short. After all, some guys are just really tall!

It’s not a complete rarity, in fact, for some guys to tower 10 inches above their male friends. Of course, most guys wouldn’t like being so much shorter than their friends, but that’s the way that the height lottery is sometimes.

Is an 11 inch height difference between couples excessive?

A tall man stood next to a short woman

An 11 inch height difference between couples, while around twice as big as average, isn’t necessarily excessive and, according to some people, can actually be ideal.

This is because some couples like an exaggerated height difference so that the woman feels protected and the man gets to feet protective of his shorter partner.

There are a good number of couples out there who have an 11 inch height difference, so you certainly shouldn’t let the same height gap negatively affect your own relationship.

How about a 12 inch or 13 inch height difference?

A man and a woman looking romantic

A 12 inch height difference and a 13 inch height difference are 20% and 30% larger than the initial 10 inch height difference that we opened our discussion with.

And while these height differences—being equal to and over a foot—are quite rare, there’s nothing inherently wrong with them either.

While we all have our own opinions of what constitutes the ideal male-female height difference, these preferences often get overridden by more important considerations, such as personality and loyalty.

Of course, when you get to a 15 inch height difference or even an 18 inch height difference, the height gap will look very striking indeed, which could cause some people to feel very self-conscious.

Can people have a 20 inch height difference between each other?

A short boy next to a tall boy

There comes the point when a couple will attract attention for their height gap, which, by my reckoning, will happen well before a 20 inch height difference.

Still, just because someone stares at you doesn’t mean that they dislike you. In fact, they could be enchanted by your height difference and be in awe that you managed to make your relationship work.

Therefore, if you and your partner have a significant height gap, you shouldn’t worry about what other people will think. After all, much of the time, people will be impressed by what they see.

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In conclusion

There are more height differences between couples than there are colors in the rainbow. And while certain cultures have certain height gap preferences, most people will acknowledge that height differences aren’t the arbiter of romantic compatibility.

People definitely aren’t walking around trying to estimate the height gap between you and your partner, so you really shouldn’t get hung up on any specific height gaps, be it a 10 inch height difference or a 20 inch height gap.