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Can a person be 10 feet tall?

Can a person be 10 feet tall?

There has never been a 10 feet tall person before. In fact, such an extraordinary height would be virtually impossible for a human to attain for reasons that we’re about to get into.

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How tall is 10 feet compared to a human?

A tall man standing next to a short man

The humongous height of 10 feet is equal to a staggering 304.8 centimeters or 120 inches! 

To get across just how tall 10 feet really is, such a height is over 4 feet taller than the average man!

So a hypothetical 10 feet tall person would literally be a super-giant, and anyone who stood next to them would look like a toddler.

To give some visual indication of what 10 ft tall people would look like (if they existed), a 10 ft tall person would be like two small women stacked on top of each other.

Can a person be 10 feet tall?

A man with a thoughtful expression on his face

So, can a person actually be 10 feet tall? 

Honestly? Probably not.

When you think that Robert Wadlow was almost 9 feet tall, it just seems virtually impossible that another human could be an entire foot taller than the tallest person in history.

This is especially true given the advances in medicine, which enable doctors to treat pituitary gland disorders to prevent people from becoming tall to the point where it would make their everyday life uncomfortable.

So, while I can’t say that the existence of a 10 foot tall man in the future would be theoretically impossible (after all, in the past, I’ll bet that people thought that a 9 foot man was a physical impossibility), it’s so unlikely that it might as well be impossible.

What advantages would a 10 feet tall person have?

A man playing basketball

A 10 feet tall person’s life would be fraught with difficulty, and they probably wouldn’t live very long.

Also, activities that tall people usually excel at, such as basketball, would likely become inaccessible to a 10 foot man or a 10 foot woman due to their lack of mobility.

Many exceptionally tall people like being in the limelight. But if you do your research, you’ll see that many of these individuals need walking assistance and are often in physical discomfort due to their stature.

So while a 10 ft man would probably be able to make a career from his height, the constant physical challenges would definitely outweigh the fame and attention that his height would grant him.


As mentioned, some people claim that there have been sightings of a 10 feet tall man and even a 10 feet tall woman.

However, these claims aren’t true because nobody has been taller than 9 feet, never mind 10 feet!

Additionally, 10 feet is a nice round height that people may simply attribute to an individual who’s extremely tall (you notice how it’s always 10ft and not 10ft 2in?).

So, while there’s a long recorded history of exceptionally tall individuals, nobody has come close to being the first 10 foot tall person.