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How tall is 6’6 for a man? Is this height too tall?

How tall is 6’6 for a man? Is this height too tall?

You could go months and, depending on where you live, even years without seeing a 6’6 man. That’s because it’s extremely rare for a person to be 6 feet 6 inches tall, even though there are a fair few athletes of this height.

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Is 6’6 tall for a man?

A stadiometer displaying the height 6 feet 6 inches

Is 6’6 tall for a man? Yes, the height of 6’6 is extremely tall for a man. The reason for this is that a 6 foot 6 man is 9 inches taller than the average guy.

A 6’6 male is likely to be taller than close to 99% of the population, and he will absolutely tower over most people that he comes into contact with.

Research shows that taller people tend to be more satisfied with their lives than shorter individuals. [1] And while 6 foot 6 is undeniably tall, it’s unclear whether or not extremely tall people enjoy the same benefits as those who are just above average in height.

Also, it’s important to note that, as with any height, some 6’6 people do overestimate their height and are, in reality, a couple of inches shorter than they claim.

Additionally, in certain contexts, 6 foot 6 is going to look much taller or shorter than it actually is. For example, if a 6’6 guy is on a basketball court with other players, then he won’t stand out as being particularly tall.

On the other hand, if a 6’6 man goes to countries where the average height is much lower than in the USA, then he might be called a giant and get treated as a celebrity, complete with praise, wonder, and constant photo requests.

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Can a woman be 6’6 or not?

A tall and short woman stood next to each other

Although a 6’6 woman is very rare statistically, it is possible for a woman to be 6 feet 6 inches tall if she has the genetics to be extremely tall.

While many 6’6 women used to think that there were no other females like them, the rise of the internet and social media has shown that there are more 6’6 girls out there than many people initially thought.

Sure, a 6’6 girl is statistically rare—extremely rare, in fact. But that’s not to say that being a 6 foot 6 woman means that you’re all on your own.

Indeed, there are women out there who are even taller than 6ft 6in!

Overall, though, 6’6 is undeniably tall for a woman, especially considering that such a height is already considered extremely tall for men, who tend to be significantly taller than women on average.

Is 6’6 too tall for a guy?

A tall man standing above his co-workers

Here’s a good question: Is 6’6 too tall for a guy? I’m reluctant to classify any height as too tall because nobody should feel bad simply because of the length of their bones.

Of course, we could say that certain heights are typically seen as more desirable than others. And as far as men are concerned, I think that most guys would prefer to be really tall than to be short.

Taller people have larger bone structures than short individuals, meaning that they can hold more total lean mass. [2] So if you want to build a maximally imposing physique, then being a 6’6 guy would be a great asset.

So, overall, I definitely wouldn’t say that 6’6 is too tall for a guy. While some people might find you intimidating, most people will have no problem walking around with someone that towers over them (indeed, they may even feel protected).

Is 6’6 a giant?

A giant man standing next to a much shorter man

Is 6’6 a giant? No, although the height of 6’6 is very tall, it’s not considered to be a giant because to be a giant, you need to be over 7 feet.

Still, some people would certainly describe a 6’6 man as a giant, especially if that person is significantly shorter than the 6’6 guy.

So, technically, a 6 foot 6 man, although tall, is still a hefty 6 inches away from being considered a giant.

This classification makes good sense because being really tall doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a giant. Indeed, if they lowered the barrier to entry, then “giant” would lose its effectiveness and meaning.

What does 6 feet 6 inches look like?

A tall man standing next to a short man

A 6’6 man looks incredibly tall because he’s 9 inches taller than the average guy and a staggering 14 inches taller than the average woman. Because of this huge height difference, a 6 foot 6 man will absolutely tower over most people that he encounters.

To put this into perspective, just imagine what a 6’6 person would look like next to these two individuals.

4’11 compared to 6’6

4’11 compared to 6’6 looks beyond tiny because of the massive 19 inch height difference. Although 6’6 is already tall, it would look even taller next to 4’11 because of the huge height contrast.

6’6 vs 6’0

6’6 and 6’0 are both tall heights. But despite this, 6’0 would look really short next to 6’6 because of the huge height gap. In fact, people might actually think that the 6’0 person is shorter than they really are due to the imposing stature of the 6’6 person.

Who are some well-known 6’6 actors and celebrities?

Some well-known 6’6 actors and celebrities include David Prowse, Spencer Wilding, Juan Martin del Potro, Anthony Joshua, Clive Russell, and Thibaut Courtois.

Conclusion: Is it good to be a 6 foot 6 man?

A man laughing

While there aren’t exactly loads of 6’6 people around, I wouldn’t say that a 6’6 person is too tall because, thanks to sports like basketball and football, being a really tall guy has become more normal (even though it’s statistically rare) and less of a spectacle.

It’s also not that hard for a 6’6 man to buy clothes that fit him well, thanks to the introduction of “big and tall” sections in many clothing retailers.

In summary, while a 6 foot 6 tall man may get unwanted attention for his height from time to time, I would say that the benefits of being 6’6 definitely outweigh the potential drawbacks.


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