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Can a man be 11 feet tall?

Can a man be 11 feet tall?

On the internet, it can sometimes be hard to separate fact from fiction, especially now that people have become very good at editing pictures to influence people’s opinions.

So while you might have seen photos purportedly showing an 11 foot tall man, these images are not real in the sense that they’ve been distorted and edited to make it look like the subject is 11 feet tall.

As you’ll soon learn, however, it’s simply not possible for a human to be 11ft tall.

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How tall is 11 feet compared to a human?

A giant man standing next to a much shorter man

How tall is 11 feet compared to a human? Extremely tall. But let me put it to you like this.

If you stacked two average-sized women on top of each other, they still wouldn’t be as tall as a hypothetical 11 ft man!

Additionally, the tallest man in history, Robert Wadlow, was over 2 feet shorter than our 11 foot example. It feels strange to say “Robert Wadlow” and “ short” in the same sentence.

Anyway, that fact alone should tell you that a height of 11 feet—132 inches or 335.28 centimeters—is extremely tall.

Has there ever been an 11 foot tall man?

A very tall man standing with his arms crossed

No, there has never been an 11 foot tall man, and there won’t be in the future.

Even if a person had the genetics to be taller than Robert Wadlow, modern medicine would mean that doctors would treat the individual in order to prevent further growth.

Now, if this hypothetical person lived in a remote part of the world and didn’t have access to such medicine, then they might grow a bit beyond 8 feet—which is still extremely rare—but likely not any taller.

A human certainly couldn’t grow to 11 feet tall because such a height is significantly taller than the current height record.

Even if someone had the genetics to keep on growing, they’d probably die before they reached an 11 foot stature or anywhere close to it.

Would an 11 feet tall person have a good life?

A man stuck inside a cardboard box

While we might well marvel at the prospect of an 11 foot tall man, we have to remember that being exceptionally tall isn’t as fun as it may sound.

For example, being 11 feet or even a few feet shorter (let’s say 8 feet) would likely mean having reduced mobility and, thereby, limited independence. 

The world simply isn’t made for giants, and performing simple daily activities would present constant challenges. 

You’d need custom-made everything; houses, cars, clothes, beds, shoes—you name it, an 11 foot tall man would need all of his items created from scratch to accommodate his unusually large frame.

In conclusion

So, all things considered, it’s probably a good thing that there has never been an 11 foot man because if humans had the capability to be that tall, then we’d be very uncomfortable in this small world.

There almost certainly won’t be an 11 ft tall person in the future due to medical advancements and the fact that a human simply couldn’t live long enough to achieve such a height.

So next time you see well-edited photos of an 11 feet tall man, you can prevent yourself from falling for the joke by remembering that humans simply aren’t capable of being 11ft.