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How to grow 10 inches taller (there’s only one way)

How to grow 10 inches taller (there’s only one way)

Looking for a step-by-step guide on how to grow 10 inches taller in a week? Well, I’m afraid that you’ve come to the wrong place.

Although some individuals who are going through puberty can indeed get 10 inches taller over a period of years, such a height increase isn’t possible for those in their late teens or in early adulthood.

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How to grow 10 inches taller

A man getting his height measured

As you might have guessed already, the only way to grow 10 inches taller is to go through puberty and experience a growth spurt.

Even then, the majority of boys won’t get a full 10 inches taller during puberty (8 inches is typical).

Still, if you have fairly tall parents, even on just one side, then it’s certainly not impossible to grow 10 inches taller while you’re in puberty.

Your genetics are the main driving force behind your height development, but you can get an extra boost by doing plenty of exercise, sleeping well, and ensuring good nutrition.

Many teenagers lack these things, so you can definitely get ahead of your peers by making sleep, diet, and exercise big priorities in your life.

Of course, it almost goes without saying that someone in their later teenage years and especially in early adulthood can’t get 10 inches taller. This is because, by this age, you’ve already done the majority of your growing. [1]

Can you grow 10 inches taller in a week?

A man standing on a stadiometer

Can you grow 10 inches taller in a week? No, it’s impossible to grow 10 inches taller in a week, a day, or in any other short space of time. The human bones simply do not lengthen this quickly, not even during puberty.

We realize that many people are desperate to grow taller and 10 inches, seeming like a good number, is the increase that they focus on.

But the truth is that adding 10 inches to your height is a fairly tall order during puberty. 

So it suffices to say that a 10 inch height increase is close to impossible as you get older—no matter what you do.

Is it possible to grow 11 inches taller?

A person holding a measuring tape

Yes, it is possible to grow 11 inches taller during puberty, although this amount of growth is definitely above average.

Somebody might get 11 inches taller during their physical development if they have tall parents, which is the biggest influence on a person’s height.

Nutrition does play a role in your growth, but not as much as your genetics. [2]

Can you really grow 12 inches taller?

A man holding a measuring tape

Yes, it is technically possible to grow 12 inches taller naturally if you’re going through puberty.

But you should know that such a height increase is not typical. If someone has the genetics to grow very tall, then they may well get 12 inches taller in the space of 5 or 6 years, but this kind of height increase is by no means ordinary.

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Why do some people want to get 10 inches taller?

A businessman holding his hand above his head

If someone believes that they’re really short, then they may think that a substantial height increase is the only way that they can improve their situation.

And while adding 10 inches to your height would definitely be a substantial stature gain, it’s simply not possible once you’ve stopped growing.

Of course, since being tall seems so desirable to many shorter people, they often dream of being 10 inches taller than they currently are. But this constant fantasizing about being taller may do you more harm than good.

Okay, if your height is a really big deal, you might be able to derive a confidence boost by wearing height-increasing insoles and/or shoes.

But once you understand that additional natural height gain is no longer possible, it doesn’t do your mind any good to keep thinking about a body that you’re biologically incapable of having.

So, you should either set a smaller goal or try to become at peace with your current height.

Conclusion: Why almost no one will grow 10 inches taller

Let me put it to you like this: You won’t grow 10 inches taller—even during puberty—unless your parents are tall. 

This is because a 10 inch height increase, which is a couple of inches bigger than the typical increase, requires certain genetics that you simply can’t acquire via any kind of lifestyle change or height-boosting routine.


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