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What size is a 33 inch chest?

What size is a 33 inch chest?

A 33 inch chest is a below average chest size for a man. But how much does this matter?

After all, every guy will have a 33″ chest at some point during their physical development.

This guide answers all the questions (sizing, how to increase it) about having a 33 in chest so that you know exactly where you stand.

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What size is a 33 inch chest?

A man getting his 33 inch chest measured

In men’s clothing, a 33 inch chest is equal to a size extra small. Make sure that you measure around the fullest part of your chest so that you can get an accurate measurement.

What size is a 33 inch chest for a woman?

A woman with a 33 inch chest

It depends on the clothing brand, but for a woman, a 33 inch chest is often equal to a size extra small and a size 2-4. If you want to know the bra or cup size for a 33 inch chest, then you’d also need to factor in your band measurement.

Is a 33 inch chest small?

A skinny man looking at his 33 inch chest in the mirror

Is a 33 inch chest small for a man? Yes, a 33 inch chest is definitely on the small side for an adult male or an older teenager. Indeed, a 33 in chest is around 5-7 inches smaller than average.

For a woman, a 33 inch chest is also a bit smaller than average. But unless this is indicative of you being underweight, it’s nothing to be overly concerned about because we’re all built differently.

For both men and women, increasing your body weight will lead to a concurrent increase in chest size. Just make sure to gain weight slowly so that you don’t add too much body fat too quickly.

Of course, men can also perform resistance training to bulk up their 33″ chest. But there’s more to expanding your chest than just building a powerful set of pecs. More on that in a sec.

Should you increase your 33″ chest?

A man performing a compound press

Since the chest is a highly visible body part, it’s an area that many people at both ends of the spectrum feel self-conscious about.

Gaining weight by eating in a small to moderate calorie surplus will expand your chest and increase your measurement.

But men can also lift weights to add muscle mass to their chest. Bench presses train the chest muscles directly, but you should also do pull-ups and rows to work your back muscles, which are very important for increasing your actual chest measurement.

The size of your ribcage also affects your chest measurement. If you have a narrower build, then you’re naturally going to have a smaller chest circumference than someone of a larger build, which could explain why you have a 33 inch chest.

In conclusion

A man with a 33 in chest

As mentioned, there’s nothing inherently wrong with having a 33 inch chest. For example, every guy has a 33″ chest at some point during puberty, so it really depends on your age and build.

The only time that having a 33 in chest is bad is if it’s a sign that you’re underweight.

Of course, many people would experience an increase in self-confidence if they could increase the size of their 33 inch chest. Luckily, this isn’t difficult; consuming more calories and performing resistance training will reliably increase your circumference measurement.