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Is a 37 inch chest too small?

Is a 37 inch chest too small?

Since the chest is such a visible body part, many people worry about how their chest looks to other people. For example, many men wonder if their 37 inch chest is too small and skinny (more on that in a minute).

On the other hand, some people simply want to know what size their 37″ chest is.

So if you already know how to measure your chest size correctly, keep reading for an in-depth look at what it means to have a 37 in chest.

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Is a 37 inch chest small?

A man measuring his small 37 inch chest

Is a 37 inch chest small for a man? Yes, a 37 inch chest is around 3 inches smaller than average for an adult male. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that your 37″ chest is too small.

Having a 37 in chest is only bad if it’s indicative of you being underweight (which it most likely isn’t unless you’re really tall). If you have a healthy body weight and a 37 inch chest, then that’s completely fine.

While it’s okay to lift weights and care about your body, there’s absolutely no need for you to grow your 37″ chest if you’re happy with it.

Still, in terms of circumference, 37 inches is ever so slightly on the small side for a male chest. But if you’re toned, then a 37″ chest can actually look somewhat muscular.

What size is a 37 inch chest for a man?

A man with a 37 inch chest size

For a man, a 37 inch chest is usually on the higher end of a size small. For this reason, you might want to size up to a medium in case your shirt shrinks (or if you just want a slightly looser fit initially).

What size is a 37 inch chest for a woman?

A woman measuring her 37 in chest

With women’s clothing, it really depends on the specific brand. But in general, a 37 inch chest or bust is classed as a medium size and likely a size 10-12. In some cases, a 37 inch chest could be a size 8-10.

Should you try to expand your 37″ chest?

A man doing a wide grip bench press

If you’re a man who wishes that his chest was bigger, then building your 37 inch chest could make you feel better about your body and increase your self-confidence, which has plenty of positive knock-on effects.

So, how do you go about building your 37 in chest?

First and foremost, you need to create a workout routine that you can stick to. If that means doing push-ups at home a few times per week, then that’s perfectly fine; you can actually build a pretty big chest by just doing bodyweight push-ups.

On the other hand, you can do bench presses. Dumbbell presses are my preferred choice because they allow for a greater range of motion than barbell presses, which puts the pecs under a more potent growth-stimulating stretch.

Once you learn the proper lifting form, training your chest is pretty simple.

From there, I recommend slowly increasing your body weight by eating in a reasonable calorie surplus. Not only will these extra calories fuel your workouts, but they’ll also lead to some mass gains, which will help to expand your circumference measurements, which most definitely includes your chest.

The verdict: How many men have a 37 in chest?

A male getting his 37 inch chest measured

There are plenty of men who have a 37 inch chest. In fact, if you have a 37″ chest, then that could well be indicative of you having a healthy body weight.

Although there are also plenty of men who have larger chests, many of these individuals have excess body fat. So if they lost some weight, then their chest might be around 37 inches as well.

So if you’re happy with your 37 in chest, that’s great. But if you want to gain some more size, that’s fine too. The above advice will definitely help you to expand your chest if you train consistently and don’t rush the process by eating too much.