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How small is a 35 inch chest?

How small is a 35 inch chest?

Although a 35 inch chest is a smaller than average chest size, that doesn’t mean that having a 35″ chest is in any way bad. In fact, the only time that having a 35 in chest is bad is if it’s indicative of you being underweight.

Still, if you want to see how your 35 inch chest really stacks up, this is the guide for you. I discuss specific sizes for men and women and also explain how having a 35″ chest affects your health and wellbeing.

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How big is a 35 inch chest?

A man measuring his 35 inch chest

Is a 35 inch chest small for a man? In general, a 35 inch chest is pretty small for a man and even for an older teenager. So, at around 3-5 inches smaller than average, a 35″ chest definitely isn’t big, but it’s also nothing to worry about either.

The exception to this is if you’re really tall, let’s say over 6 feet. In this scenario, it’s likely that your 35 in chest is an indicator that you are underweight, which obviously isn’t ideal.

So in and of itself, having a 35″ chest is completely fine and nothing to worry about from a physical health perspective. It’s just that people who are too thin for their height (i.e., they have a low BMI) might have a 35 inch chest as a characteristic of their overly skinny body.

Additionally, if you have a low body fat level, then your 35 in chest will look lean and toned, which means that you have a good “buffer” if you do decide to bulk up. In other words, it’s not that bad to be skinny as long as you’re lean because you could gain some body fat and still have a good physique.

Of course, this analysis is based on a 35 inch male chest. For a woman, it appears that 35 inches is a very normal measurement.

What size is a 35 inch chest for men?

A man with a 35 inch chest size

In men’s clothing, a 35 inch chest is usually on the lower end of a size small or on the upper end of a size extra small (XS). Since some shirts can shrink in the wash, you might want to stick with a size small if you have a 35 in chest.

What size is a 35 inch chest for women?

A woman measuring her 35 inch chest

In women’s clothing, a 35 inch chest works out at a small or a medium and likely a size 8-10. The specifics differ by brand, and a 35″ chest may put you in between two sizes.

Is it bad to only have a 35″ chest?

A man having his 35 in chest measured

As mentioned, having a 35 inch chest is only ever bad (from a physical health standpoint) if it’s symptomatic of your body weight being too low.

So unless you’re pretty tall, you can probably still have a healthy BMI while also having a 35″ chest.

Additionally, there are plenty of teenagers who have a 35 in chest because they haven’t finished growing yet. So if you’re young, your best bet is to eat a healthy diet and consume enough calories to fuel your body.

Of course, some people are really self-conscious about their chest, especially considering that it’s quite a visible body part.

The good news?

You can always increase your chest measurement by training your back muscles and pectorals (contrary to popular belief, the lats and traps contribute just as much if not more size to your actual circumference measurement than the chest itself).

The verdict on having a 35 in chest

A skinny guy looking at his 35 inch chest in the mirror

There are actually plenty of people—both male and female—who have a 35 inch chest. So you definitely shouldn’t feel like you’re in any way inadequate just because your chest (a rather superficial body part) measures 35 inches.

You might have a 35″ chest because you’re still growing, or you might have one because you’re naturally skinny. The good news is that nourishing your body with healthy foods and performing resistance training (two things that everyone should be doing) are reliable ways to grow your chest and improve your physique.