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Is a 34 inch chest small? What size is it?

Is a 34 inch chest small? What size is it?

A 34 inch chest is definitely a below average chest size for a man. But does it matter?

So many people are self-conscious about how their body looks these days. But the reality is that unless your 34 inch chest is symptomatic of a low body weight, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

After all, every guy has a 34” chest at some point during his physical development; it’s called going through puberty.

So if you’re curious about what size a 34 in chest is, this guide is for you. You’ll learn everything there is to know about having a 34 inch chest.

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Is a 34 inch chest small?

A skinny male looking at his 34 inch chest

Is a 34 inch chest small for a man? Yes, a 34 inch chest is pretty skinny for a man because it’s around 4-6 inches smaller than average.

Whether or not this is a bad thing mainly depends on your height. If you’re pretty tall, then your 34 in chest is probably an indicator that you’re underweight, which isn’t ideal for enjoying optimal physical health.

On the other hand, if you’re not that tall—and especially if you’re still growing—then there’s a good chance that your 34” chest is nothing to worry about. After all, as I said in the intro, every man has to have a 34 inch chest at some point during his physical development.

You can always talk to your doctor if you think that your body is too skinny for your age and height. Eating a nutritious diet that contains enough calories, vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, and carbohydrates is also important, especially when you’re still growing.

What shirt size is a 34 inch chest?

A man with a 34 inch chest size

For a man or a teenage boy, a 34 inch chest works out at a size extra small (XS). If you plan on growing your chest in the near future, then you could always size up to a small size, especially considering that your t-shirts might shrink in the wash.

What size is a 34 inch chest for a woman?

A female measuring her 34 inch chest

In women’s clothing, a 34 inch chest or bust is equal to a size small and a size 6-8.

How can men expand their 34″ chest?

A man performing a compound press

Expanding your 34 inch chest involves increasing the muscularity of your pectorals and back muscles by lifting weights and eating an appropriate diet.

On the training side of things, you pretty much have two choices; bodyweight push-ups or free-weight bench presses.

Push-ups can add some serious size to your chest, especially once you’re doing sets of 20+ reps. Best of all, you can do push-ups at home with no equipment, so they’re ideal if you don’t have access to a gym.

On the other hand, bench presses enable you to keep adding weight to the bar, which is ideal if you really want to bulk and train for natural bodybuilding. In this scenario, I recommend using dumbbells as opposed to barbells because they tend to be easier on your joints while also permitting a greater range of motion, which results in better chest stimulation.

In terms of diet, you want to eat in a small to moderate calorie surplus so that you can slowly increase your body weight and muscle size. Consuming enough protein, fats, and carbs will help to repair your muscles, maintain optimal hormone levels, and fuel your workouts respectively.

The verdict: Is it okay to have a 34 inch chest?

A man with a 34 in chest

Regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s perfectly fine to have a 34 inch chest. As mentioned, a given chest size is only bad when it’s indicative of you being underweight or overweight.

Now, if you’re fairly tall, then you may well be able to improve your health by gaining some weight so that you have a healthy BMI. But if you’re still growing, for example, then you’ll naturally put on body mass if your diet is nutritious.