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What size is a 47 inch chest?

What size is a 47 inch chest?

A 47 inch chest is a very large measurement. You might have a 47” chest due to being muscular, overweight, or because you have a large frame. This article covers all the possible scenarios for having a 47 in chest so that you know exactly where you stand.

You can also learn how to take a chest measurement if you want to verify your chest circumference.

See How Your Chest Stacks Up:

How big is a 47 inch chest?

Close up of a man's big 47 inch chest

So, how big is a 47 inch chest exactly? Based on my anthropometric research, a 47 inch chest is very big. In fact, a 47” chest is around 5-7 inches bigger than average for an adult male.

What’s more interesting, however, is why someone might have a 47 in chest.

For example, serious bodybuilders might have a 47 inch chest due to being very muscular. But what few people realize is that your back muscles, specifically your lats, contribute a lot of inches to your chest measurement.

By the same token, those with a large ribcage will naturally have a bigger chest circumference than those with more narrow builds. So when someone has a 47” chest, it’s not always due to having loads of muscle mass; your bone structure greatly affects all of your circumference measurements, especially those around the torso.

Of course, there are plenty of overweight and obese people who have a 47 inch chest. This is simply because it’s much easier for the body to produce fat tissue than muscle mass.

What does it take to build a 47 inch chest?

A man training his big 47 inch chest at the gym

To build a lean 47 inch chest, you’ll first need the right genetics. If you have a narrow frame, which is to say, a small ribcage, then it might actually be impossible for you to build a lean 47” chest. This isn’t the end of the world—you can still look jacked without having a massive circumference measurement.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re extremely tall with a large frame, then you might be able to get a 47 inch chest with minimal resistance training simply because your bone structure is so large.

Now, if you have a more average body type, then you might still be able to get a 47 in chest if you gain a bit of body fat. Indeed, you don’t need to be ripped in order to look muscular. And anyway, most naturals will need to put on some body fat if they’re going for the “big and jacked” appearance rather than the “lean and toned” look.

In terms of the actual training, there’s nothing special that you can do to achieve a 47 inch chest. If you regularly increase the resistance while maintaining the optimal chest stimulating form, then your pecs are going to grow as long as your diet is on point.

Finally, do not neglect your back. Well-developed lats and traps can really bulk up your chest measurement, and they’ll drastically improve your v-taper, so make sure to include plenty of vertical and horizontal pulls in your program.

What size is a 47 inch chest in men’s clothing?

A man with a 47 inch chest size

In most brands of men’s clothing, a 47 inch chest is equal to a size XXL. In rarer cases, a 47” chest may work out at a 3 XL (XXXL). If you want a looser fit, I recommend sizing up so that you have more breathing room.

In conclusion

A man measuring his 47 in chest

It suffices to say that most men don’t have a 47 inch chest. And that goes for those who lift weights on a regular basis. Granted, with enough work, a good number of men can sculpt a 47 in chest, but it’s not like you need a chest that big in order to look aesthetic.

I always recommend enjoying your training and letting the specific measurements take care of themselves. If you’re meant to have a 47” chest, then it’ll come as your pecs and back muscles grow.