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Is there a 5’13 height or not?

Is there a 5’13 height or not?

Wondering if there is really a 5’13 height? If so, then this short article will clear up your confusion and explain why some people say that they’re 5 foot 13 even though it’s not a standard height.

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Is 5’13 a height or not?

A man getting his height measured

Is 5’13 a height? No, although it sounds plausible, 5’13 is not a real height because, after the eleventh inch, you move on to the next whole foot. So rather than saying 5’13, you’d simply say 6’1.

Of course, some people might not realize this. But once you know that there are 12 inches in a foot and not 13, it becomes easier to convert your height into different units of measurement.

As you’ll learn later on, some people say that they’re 5’13 to be funny, knowing full well that such a height is incorrect.

Interestingly, though, if you put 5’13 into some online calculators, it works fine. But to a human, saying that you’re 5’13 would most likely be confusing.

Is there a 5’14 height?

No, there is no 5’14 height. But if there was, then 5’14 would be equal to 6’2, which is a very tall height for a person.

Saying that you’re 5’14 sounds strange, but some people like to do it on purpose to force others to work out their real (and frankly impressive) height. So it’s part joke and part showing off, if you ask me.

Can you be 5 foot 20?

No, you can’t be 5 foot 20, and nobody gives their height like that unless they’re trying to be funny. A height of 5 foot 20 would work out at an extremely tall 6’8, which sounds way taller than 5 feet 20 if you ask me.

How tall is 5’13 in centimeters?

The height of 5 foot 13 (5’13) is equal to 185.42 centimeters or 1.8542 meters, and there are 73 inches in 5 feet 13 inches.

Why do people say that they’re 5’13?

Some men getting their height measured with a stadiometer

Mainly for a laugh, but some people also make a mistake when giving their height if they’re not used to dealing with feet and inches.

The joke is that men under 6 feet often receive worse treatment than males over 6 foot. So even though a 5’13 male is well over 6 foot in terms of stature, giving his height as 5’13 makes him sound shorter than he actually is.

Saying that you’re 5 foot 13 also forces people to do a bit of math, and it can be fun to see the confused look on their face as they eventually say, “so you’re actually 6’1?”.

The verdict: Is 5’13 height a real height or not?

Obviously, a 5’13 height is incorrect because, after the 11th inch, you just move up to the next foot. Still, some people like to be mysterious about their height, and saying that you’re 5’13 tall is one way to be a bit coy about your stature.