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Is there a 5’12 height?

Is there a 5’12 height?

Is there a 5’12 height? Or are people just getting confused? This article sets the record straight and explains the reasons why some people say that they’re 5’12 tall.

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Is 5’12 a height?

A man getting his height measured

Is 5’12 a height? No, 5’12 is not technically a proper height because, when you’re articulating a height in feet and inches, you start a new foot after the eleventh inch.

So the height of 5’12 is actually equal to 6 foot, which means that, if 5’12 was a height, it would be considered tall.

Now, while there are 12 inches in a foot, you don’t specify all 12 inches in inches when you’re using feet.

Some people may not realize this if they’re used to giving their height in centimeters or inches.

There is, of course, nothing especially bad about using the 5’12 height rather than 6 foot. Still, it’s best to say 6 feet rather than 5 feet 12 inches because most people will be confused if you say, “I’m 5’12 tall,” or something like that.

How tall is 5’12 in cm?

A man holding a measuring tape

Just like the height of 6 foot, the height of 5’12 is equal to 182.88 centimeters or 1.8288 meters, and there are 72 inches in 5 foot 12.

If you put 5’12 into some online unit conversion calculators, then you’ll get the same values as you would for 6 foot. This is because computers don’t get confused like humans do when you give them unfamiliar numbers.

Why do some people say that they’re 5’12 tall?

A man with a thoughtful expression on his face

The first reason why people claim to have a 5 12 height is that they made an honest mistake. 

If they’re used to giving their height in centimeters or inches and they know that there are 12 inches in a foot, then it probably made sense to them that 183 cm was roughly equal to 5’12.

Some guys also say that they’re 5’12 as a joke, often because they believe that some girls only date guys over 6 foot, meaning that, although they’re technically 6 feet, the fact that they gave their height incorrectly would disqualify them from the dating pool.

Obviously, women do date guys under 6 foot, and most men know this. Some people just like to make themselves seem shorter than they really are by claiming a 5’12 height.

Is 5 foot 12 a good height for a man?

A man standing on a stadiometer

Yes, 5’12 is a good height for a man because it’s three inches taller than average. If you’re a 5’12 male, then you’ll be taller than most men that you come into contact with.

Of course, 5’12 doesn’t sound as tall as 6 feet, even though it’s an identical height.

Now, some men may have also measured their height incorrectly (quite common) and may not actually be 5’12. The best way to verify your true height is with a stadiometer.

In conclusion: Demystifying the 5’12 height

So, as we learned, there’s technically no such thing as a 5’12 height because after the eleventh inch, you just move onto the next whole foot.

Still, some people like to say that they’re 5’12 as a joke. But if you want to avoid confusion, then it’s best to give your height correctly.

If you still want to be a bit cryptic, then you can say 183 cm instead of 6 feet.