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6’12 height: Real or not?

6’12 height: Real or not?

Why do some people say that they’re 6 foot 12? Is it a real height? Or do they just not want to admit that they’re 7 foot tall?

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Is 6’12 a height?

A tall man standing next to a short man

Is 6’12 a height? No, even though there are 12 inches in a foot, 6’12 is not a proper height. To be specific, 6’12 is the same as 7 feet.

In centimeters, 6’12 works out to 213.36 cm, which is equal to 2.1336 meters.

There are 84 inches in 6 foot 12.

The reason why 6’12 is not a real height is that, because there are 12 inches in one foot, you always move up to the next whole inch after the 11th inch when specifying a height in feet and inches.

There are, of course, many things that can be 12 inches long. The point is that when using inches alongside feet, you only use inches one to eleven to avoid confusion.

Why do people say that they’re 6’12?

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Some really tall people like to be mysterious about their height for a bit of fun. This is especially true for extremely tall individuals, who likely get a lot of attention for their stature.

So rather than identify as a 7-footer, some people like to have a laugh and say that they’re 6 feet 12 inches instead.

Of course, 7 foot sounds quite a bit taller than 6’12. So if someone wants to play down their frankly towering stature, they might claim a 6’12 height instead.

Of course, some people, particularly if they’re used to giving their height in inches or centimeters, may accidentally say that they’re 6’12 instead of 7 feet.

Still, I think that most seven-footers are well aware of their height and simply use the 6’12 height claim to mess with people every now and again.

Can you be 6’13?

Can you be 6’13? While you can certainly say that you’re 6’13, 6 foot 13 is not a real height and is, in fact, equal to 7’1, a truly towering height.

As a rule of thumb, any height in feet and inches that doesn’t contain any of the numbers 0-11 is incorrect.

In conclusion

People come in many different heights, as anyone who’s ever walked around a busy city will be able to attest to. Yet, heights can be a confusing topic for some people.

If you say that you’re 6’12, then you’re likely to get the confused question, “so you’re 7 foot, then?”.

This is why it’s often just better to give your real height. Unless, of course, you want to have a bit of a laugh.