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6’10 height and weight guide

6’10 height and weight guide

If you’re wondering what life would be like at the height of 6’10, then you will definitely find this article interesting.

Or perhaps you are 6’10 and are looking for some guidance on making the most of your height?

Either way, this 6’10 height guide will put you in the know. Is it good to be 6 foot 10? Or would most people consider 6ft 10in too tall? Let’s find out. 

How Does Your Height Stack Up?

Is 6’10 too tall for a man?

A tall man standing next to a short man

Is 6’10 too tall for a guy? No, I don’t think that it’s fair to say that 6’10, or any other height, for that matter, is too tall for a man or anyone else.

Sure, we can certainly say that a 6’10 man is rare. But I’m reluctant to say that 6’10 is too tall, seeing as your height, much like your facial features and skin color, is not something that you can control.

As such, nobody should be made to feel bad about their frankly impressive and imposing 6’10 stature.

As for how tall 6’10 is for a man, it’s over a foot taller than average, meaning that a 6’10 guy would stand head and shoulders above almost everyone that he meets.

Of course, some 6’10 people might not like getting stared at, and the height comments are bound to get boring after a while. 

Still, being a 6’10 male is good for sports like basketball, where you can make use of your long limbs to effectively block your opponent’s shorts, among other things.

And research also shows that in the world of work, tall people are viewed as more competent than their shorter colleagues. [1] So there’s a good chance that prospective employers or business panthers will want to work with you thanks to your impressive 6’10 frame!

Can a woman really be 6’10?

A 4'10 height woman preparing to measure her height to see if she is short

While women are generally shorter than men, it is possible for a woman to be 6’10 if she happens to have the genetics to be exceptionally tall.

Now, even really tall girls are unlikely to be 6 feet 10 inches or anywhere close to it. But still, there are a few girls out there who stand 6 foot 10 inches tall, some of whom have world records.

What these ladies show is that you can still look feminine while being six foot ten. Sure, it’s usually men who are the tall ones, but many tall women have actually learned to love their height and are making the most of it every single day.

A 6’10 woman would be 18 inches taller than the average woman and way tall than the average guy as well.

This height difference could be problematic, considering that taller men tend to prefer a large height gap between themselves and their partner. [2] But it’s unclear whether the same is true for tall women.

What is the average weight for a 6’10 male?

A person stood on some weighing scales

It’s virtually impossible to pinpoint a precise average weight for a 6’10 male because there simply isn’t much data. 

And to make matters still more challenging, BMI calculators don’t work well for people at extreme ends of the height spectrum, which most definitely includes 6’10 people.

With that in mind, I decided to go through a few examples so that you can get a feel for what a 6’10 person will look like at various weights.

6’10 350 lbs

If you’re 6’10 and 350 lbs, then you’re definitely too heavy to be healthy. Even if you have a lot of muscle mass, such a high body weight will likely put unnecessary stress on your heart.

6’10 300 pounds

If you’re 6’10 and 300 lbs, then while you might not necessarily look fat, you very likely weigh too much to be optimally healthy.

I understand that such a physique can be very beneficial for sports like football, rugby, or even boxing. But at some point, you’ll have to choose between optimal health and sporting performance.

6’10 280 lbs

If you’re 6’10 with a large frame and you weigh 280 lbs, then you’re likely slightly overweight but far from being obese.

The problem with being 6 foot 10 is that even at fairly high body weights, you might not look as “filled out” as shorter people. This can discourage 6’10 guys from losing weight, seeing as they often don’t want to appear too skinny.

6’10 240 lbs

If you’re 6’10 and 240 lbs, then, depending on your body fat level, you could look very lean and muscular. Such a physique is likely ideal for sports like basketball, where you want to be tall and athletic but without too much excess weight.

6’10 200 lbs

A height of 6’10 and a weight of 200 lbs results in a very skinny physique, especially considering that there are guys 10 inches shorter than you who weigh the same.

That said, whether such a physique is healthy or not is hard to judge, as there’s much more to health than just your weight. Still, some 6’10 people are naturally skinny, so it’s not like you have to be extremely heavy just because you’re tall.

Conclusion: Is it good to be a 6’10 man?

A giant man standing next to a much shorter man

I certainly can’t speak from experience here, but based on my research, many 6’10 men are happy with their height and actually get a kick from seeing people’s reactions as they walk down the street.

Some 6’10 guys, whether they openly admit it or not, love being taller than everyone else, and they enjoy the fact that they look intimidating and imposing.

Of course, life as a 6’10 guy isn’t always going to be easy. Going about simple daily tasks, such as showering and buying clothes, can often be highly challenging and sometimes even quite uncomfortable.

So as with any extreme height, there are definitely pros and cons to being a 6’10 person.


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