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How noticeable is a 7 cm height difference?

How noticeable is a 7 cm height difference?

A 7 cm height difference sure sounds like a lot. But is it actually noticeable between a couple or two friends?

While a 7 cm or 8 cm height difference isn’t absolutely huge, such measurements do represent a medium to large height difference that’s definitely noticeable to pretty much everyone.

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Is a 7 cm height difference noticeable?

A man and a woman holding a tape measure

Is a 7 cm height difference noticeable? Yes, a 7 cm height difference between two people is definitely very noticeable.

But just how noticeable a 7 cm difference in height is depends on who the height gap exists between.

A 7 centimeter height gap between a male-female couple, for example, looks perfectly normal, presuming, of course, that it’s the man who’s taller.

On the other hand, let’s say that you have two female friends with a seven centimeter height difference. In this case, one woman will look significantly smaller than the other.

The reason that a female-female height difference is more noticeable than a male-female height difference is that men are expected to be significantly taller than women.

On the contrary, 7 centimeters is a pretty big intra-gender height gap (for females) that will look more dramatic than a 7 cm height difference between a male-female couple.

Additionally, when both people in the pairing are short, a 7 centimeter height difference will look more dramatic because 7 centimeters will be a larger percentage height difference.

How noticeable is an 8 cm height difference?

A woman and a man looking at each other

An 8 cm height difference is very much noticeable. How can it not be when we’re nearing double digits?

While siblings of the same gender can have an 8 cm difference in height, this is much less common than an 8 cm height difference between couples.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with an 8 centimeter height difference between anyone. 

But as I said before, a given height difference can be said to be more or less common between different kinds of people.

For example, a child can be 8 cm shorter than their parents, which, depending on their age, could be perfectly normal.

In a similar way, you could have two friends of the same age with an 8 cm height difference since height is largely genetic.

Is reducing a 7 centimeter height difference possible?

A man wearing boots

While reducing a 7 cm height difference is definitely possible, it would be hard to offset the height gap completely.

By improving your posture and wearing shoes with a thicker heel, you can definitely gain a few centimeters of extra height.

And, if you get your partner to wear shoes with a very thin sole, you can reduce the height gap even further.

Of course, if you’re 7 cm shorter than a friend or co-worker, then you can’t expect them to change their footwear so that you can look taller.

Still, by making strategic footwear choices and maximizing your skeletal height by way of posture improvement, you can close that 7 cm height gap by around 50%.

In conclusion: Is it good to have a 7 cm difference in height?

A 7 cm height difference isn’t good or bad in the sense that it’s acceptable or unacceptable.

Sure, a 7 cm difference in height is more common between certain people and in certain contexts, but it’s not something that you should worry about.

There are so many people out there who have a 7 centimeter height difference between themselves and their partner and friends that such a height difference is actually pretty common.