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Is a 5 cm height difference difference noticeable or not?

Is a 5 cm height difference difference noticeable or not?

A 5 cm height difference and a 6 cm height difference are both noticeable in the sense that you’ll clearly be able to see who the taller person is and who the shorter person is.

There are also loads of different pairings and people who can have a 5 centimeter height difference. 

For example, a male-female couple might have a five centimeter height difference between them, which is neither a small nor an extremely large height gap.

Similarly, you could just have two male friends with a 5 cm difference in height because 5 centimeters is a fairly normal amount of height variation between two men.

Is a 5 cm height difference noticeable?

A young happy couple posing for the camera

In the vast majority of cases, a 5 cm height difference will be noticeable because, in terms of human stature, 5 centimeters is not a small measurement.

After all, if you grew taller by 5 cm or shrunk by 5 cm, then people would immediately be able to see a difference.

Therefore, when two people who have a 5 cm height difference are standing next to each other, you can clearly see that one individual is significantly taller than the other.

Now, I’d definitely say that 5 centimeters is a medium height difference rather than a large one, so it’s not like one person is going to tower above the other.

Rather, the person with the 5 cm height advantage will simply look noticeably taller.

Is a 6 cm height difference noticeable?

A man and a woman standing back to back

Similarly, at over 2 inches, a 6 cm height difference between two people is also noticeable.

But, depending on who the 6 cm difference in height exists between, the height gap will look more or less dramatic. Here’s what I mean.

Say that there’s a couple with a 6 cm height difference, they’d look perfectly normal and wouldn’t attract any attention.

But if the man was 6 cm shorter than the woman, then their pairing—even though it has the exact same height difference—would suddenly look very unusual.

This is because, in nature, so to speak, men are usually significantly taller than women.

Therefore, when we see a woman who’s taller than the man, especially in a male-female couple, the height difference always looks more dramatic.

Should you be concerned about a 5 cm difference in height?

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As I’m fond of saying, a given height difference is only a big deal if you make it a big deal. And since five centimeters definitely falls into the medium category, it really isn’t a cause for concern.

That said, I know that some guys, for example, don’t like being 5 cm shorter than their friends, especially if that makes them the shortest male in their friendship group.

Remember, if you’re concerned about your stature, then any given height difference is always going to seem more severe and dramatic to you than to the average person.

With this in mind, you shouldn’t let a 5 or 6 cm height difference affect your friendships and relationships. 

People these days are well-accustomed to seeing individuals of various heights, so even if you’re 5 cm shorter than someone else, you won’t stand out that much.

How can you reduce a 5 centimeter height difference?

A pair of boots

The simplest way to reduce a 5 centimeter height difference between you and someone else is to have the shorter person wear shoes with a thick heel so that they have a “height advantage.”

If this 5 cm difference in height exists between you and your partner and they’re on board with this, you can also get them to wear flatter shoes so that you can gain an even bigger height advantage on the footwear front.

Next, you can work on your posture so that your spine becomes more straight, which will enable you to maximize your skeletal height.

Standing tall also makes you look taller because it stops your shoulders and neck from protruding forward.

Add these changes together, and you’re well on your way to drastically reducing that 5 cm height gap to the point where it’s barely noticeable.

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Conclusion: Is a 5 cm height difference big or not?

Admittedly, five centimeters sounds like a pretty large measurement; I mean, we’re already at the halfway point to double digits. 

And while a 5 cm height difference between a couple or two people is undeniably noticeable, It’s certainly not what you’d call a big height difference, that’s for sure.

There are so many people who have a 5 centimeter difference in height between themselves and their partner, sibling, or friend that such a height difference will barely attract any attention at all.

In other words, a five centimeter height difference between two people is perfectly normal.