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How to lower a BMI of 57

How to lower a BMI of 57

If you want to know the reasons why a 57 BMI is dangerous, then this informative guide is for you.

In addition to clearing up the consequences of maintaining a BMI of 57, we’ll also explain how to successfully slash your body mass index score and achieve a much healthier body weight.

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Why is having a BMI of 57 dangerous?

A BMI 57 woman at the gym

We don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but having a BMI of 57 is not healthy at all. 

This is because obesity—and a 57 BMI is considered severely obese—is linked with numerous chronic diseases and health problems like diabetes, stroke, heart disease, insulin resistance, back pain, poor mental health, and even certain types of cancers.

Obviously, many obese individuals with a high BMI realize that they’re risking their health, but it can be so hard to escape from bad habits that you’ve spent years acquiring and refining.

Of course, some people have a BMI of 57 due to physical disabilities that prevent them from exercising and burning off the calories that they consume. Other people simply have such hectic lives that they struggle to find the time to work out and eat healthy foods.

How can you lower your 57 BMI?

A BMI 57 man doing some exercise

Lowering your 57 BMI boils down to putting your body in an energy deficit. There are two ways to do this.

One, increase your activity level. This can be as simple as walking around more, or you can do more vigorous exercise like jogging or weight lifting if you enjoy it.

Second, reduce your calorie intake. Also called eating in a calorie deficit, restricting your calorie intake enables your body to burn fat. Aim to eat healthy whole foods so that you feel satiated and nourished.

You also need patience. While you can lose weight quickly, especially when you’re severely obese, you didn’t become obese overnight; it probably took months and years.

Therefore, you’re not going to get out of this situation in a couple of weeks. Sure, you’ll see results right off the bat, but complete transformations can take many months to complete.

Why do people have a body mass index of 57?

A 57 BMI man showing his belly

While it’s all too easy to blame those obese individuals for overeating and not moving their bodies, some people have legitimate reasons why they can’t exercise or burn fat effectively.

Still, with the right help, just about anyone can lose weight and build a healthier body.

The good thing about having a 57 BMI and a similarly high body mass index score is that because you have such an excess of body fat, the results will be more dramatic and more substantial.

Of course, as the weight comes off, the results will naturally slow down (this is a good thing) because you’re getting lighter, meaning that your body will have less fat to lose.

In conclusion

Now you know the dangers of having a BMI of 57 and the basics of how you can reduce your 57 BMI.

While there are many programs you can follow, some good, some not so good, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor and/or a nutritionist so that they can get you on the right path.

All too often, we look for quick fixes and forget the concrete principles that actually make us lose weight. So try not to get distracted from the basics; healthy eating, exercise, energy deficit.