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How high is a BMI of 58?

How high is a BMI of 58?

How high is a BMI of 58? A body mass index of 58 is around 28 points higher than average and 18 points into the severely obese classification.

For this reason, a 58 BMI is considered morbidly obese and needs to be reduced by a doctor-supervised combination of calorie restriction and physical activity.


Is it dangerous to have a BMI of 58?

The stomach of a BMI 58 man

It’s dangerous to have a high BMI, and a BMI of 58 certainly falls into that category because an excessive body mass index can lead to all manner of health issues and can, sadly, lead to chronic disease if left untreated.

Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke are just some of the health consequences that come with the territory of maintaining a 58 BMI.

Another issue with having a BMI of 58 is that if you get any heavier, movement could become a serious problem, which would make it hard to burn off the calories that you consume.

So while exercise is important for your health, severely obese individuals will need to put more effort into their diet because nutrition gives them greater leverage than physical activity.

Because of this, your doctor or dietician might recommend an aggressive calorie deficit of around 40% initially if they think you can stick to it. 

So if you can maintain your weight on 3,000 calories, you’d cut your intake by 1,200 until you’ve lost a substantial amount of fat and got your body weight out of the obesity danger zone, so to speak.

What does a 58 BMI look like on a person?

A woman who has a 58 body mass index

Obviously, anyone with a BMI of 58 is going to be carrying excess body fat of some kind, which will be visually obvious.

Yet, since two people can have the same BMI while being different heights, people with BMIs of 58 won’t all look the same.

Similarly, even though a person with a 58 BMI has a lot of body fat, they might have a sizable amount of muscle mass as well, which can certainly increase their body mass index.

Who often has a body mass index of 58?

Man with a 58 BMI working out

There’s no one kind of person who’s most likely to have a BMI of 58, although we do know that severe obesity is becoming a more common problem.

Many individuals who have a 58 BMI struggle with their weight and find it hard to slim down. If this is you, we recommend seeking professional help from a doctor and dietician so that they can formulate a personal weight loss plan just for you.

While looking back and understanding why you ended up with such a high BMI is undoubtedly helpful for creating new positive habits, you also want to look forward to the healthy body that you’ll have in the future.

Of course, you want to set short-term goals as well. You can think of these as small steps that, when completed, lead to the top of the mountain, which for you means a massive BMI reduction and a much healthier body.

The verdict

Reducing a BMI of 58 will naturally take time, and there are likely to be setbacks on the way. As long as you’re progressing forward and losing weight over the weeks and months, you’re on the right track and should feel proud of your accomplishments.

Lowering a 58 BMI score, in the most basic sense, comes down to reducing your calorie intake and, where possible, increasing your activity level.