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How unhealthy is a BMI of 51?

How unhealthy is a BMI of 51?

If you want to know why having a BMI of 51 is bad for your health, then this body mass index guide is for you.

While there are certainly people who, unfortunately, have a BMI that greatly exceeds 51, there’s no getting away from the fact that a BMI 51 individual is still putting their health at serious risk.

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What do females and males with a BMI of 51 look like?

Two fat people with a BMI of 51

Since your height and bone structure, as well as your muscularity, affect how any given body mass index score looks, it’s not possible to say with precision what a BMI of 51 looks like.

Yet, we can say that those with a 51 BMI are very likely to be carrying much more body fat than the average person because their BMI score is over 21 points higher than usual for males and females.

A person with a body mass index of 51 is likely to be abdominally obese and, as such, will probably have visceral fat.

Unlike the subcutaneous fat that you can pinch between your fingers, visceral fat is only visible with medical scans because it lies within your body and wraps around your abdominal organs, potentially causing disease if left untreated.

Is there hope for a person with a 51 BMI?

A BMI 51 man looking out the window

If you are prepared to seek the right help, then there’s always hope of reducing your 51 BMI. After all, on paper, weight loss is pretty simple; you simply put your body in an energy deficit by limiting your calorie intake.

Of course, the specifics are important, and staying on track takes discipline.

Therefore, your doctor may refer you to a dietician or nutritionist so that you can get personal help and dietary recommendations.

Some people may recommend an aggressive calorie deficit to get an initial bulk of fat off your body, whereas others may advise a more moderate deficit.

Either way, consistency is crucial because you want to lose weight and keep it off, not just get quick results and then pile it all back on in a few months.

Why is a BMI of 51 becoming more common?

An obese man with a body mass index of 51

Our lifestyles are becoming more sedentary, meaning that we’re simply not burning as many calories as our ancestors. Naturally, this leads to higher BMIs and, often, extremely high BMIs like 51.

Of course, every town and city has fitness facilities, but exercise can be challenging and intimidating for a lot of people. For this reason, we always recommend having an open and honest discussion with your doctor if you struggle with your weight.

One tip is to eat whole foods that are largely unprocessed as these foods are lower in calories and, calorie-for-calorie, have greater nutritional value than processed foods.

In summary

Overall, while a BMI of 51 is obviously obese and is undeniably much higher than usual, there is good news. When you have a high BMI, the weight loss results are often much more dramatic, which can really motivate you to change.

As you establish positive dietary and exercise habits, you’ll start to enjoy your healthy lifestyle, and the slimming process will become much more natural to you.