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How can you reduce a BMI of 59?

How can you reduce a BMI of 59?

A BMI of 59 is well into the severely obese category and is a whopping 29 body mass index points higher than average.

Because of the severity of such obesity, a person with a 59 BMI will need to undergo medically-supervised weight loss so that a doctor can ensure that the individual is healthy enough to begin a new lifestyle change.


What does a BMI of 59 look like?

A 59 BMI man looking in the mirror

While people can have an identical body mass index while being of different heights and having different levels of muscle mass, anyone who has a BMI of 59 is going to have far too much body fat.

It’s possible that a person with a 59 BMI might be so impeded by their obesity that movement is a problem. 

Because of this risk, it’s crucial that severely obese individuals seek the help they need before their weight becomes so great that it can only be removed by surgical intervention.

How can you reduce your 59 BMI?

Some 59 BMI people jogging in the park

If your doctor gives you the go-ahead to exercise, then doing physical activities that you enjoy is a great way to reduce your 59 BMI and slim down.

You could go dancing, jogging, cycling, or play tennis. Or, if you’d rather start off small, you can simply go for a walk around the block or around the park. Any activity that gets your body moving will burn calories and thus body fat.

Since most people with a BMI of 59 consume too many calories, nutrition is especially important because it provides an opportunity to do two things.

One, you can lower your calorie intake by about 40% initially to trigger substantial weight loss and get your body weight out of the severely obese danger zone.

Two, eating healthy and gaining a better understanding of the nutritional content of your food helps you to create positive eating habits that will help you to keep the weight off once you’ve lost it.

How can you prevent such a high BMI?

A BMI 59 man sat at a table

While some people gain fat much easier than others as a result of their genetics or health conditions, virtually anyone can improve their health and body composition by eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly.

For some people, a healthy weight comes naturally; they don’t even need to try.

For others, maintaining a healthy body weight requires more attention to detail so that they don’t accidentally overeat. But with time, healthy eating can become an automatic habit, which greatly improves the chance of staying slim.


If you have a BMI of 59, then your first port of call should be a consultation with your doctor so that they can decide on the best weight loss path for you, your body, and your current situation.

The good thing about having a high BMI in a sense is that results can happen fast because you have so much weight to lose.

But don’t let the prospect of radically overhauling your body intimidate you. Small steps are the key to achieving big goals, so don’t think that you need to lose all of your body fat in the space of a couple of months.