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Is dating a guy the same height as you a good idea?

Is dating a guy the same height as you a good idea?

Dating a guy the same height as you definitely comes with its pros and cons. On the one hand, same height couples can have a very practical relationship.

But on the other hand, couples that are the same height might feel self-conscious that they don’t have the typical height difference that many male-female couples do.

So, is dating someone the same height as you worth it? Or should you seek out a partner with whom you would have a greater height difference?


Is dating a guy the same height as you a good idea?

the benefits of dating someone the same height as you

Dating a guy the same height as you can be a good idea in the sense that simple displays of affection, such as hugging, kissing, and holding hands, are more straightforward because you’re a same height couple.

Same height couples typically consist of either a short guy or a tall girl. What I mean by this is that the woman might be a fairly average height, whereas the man might be pretty short for a guy.

On the other hand, the female could be pretty tall for a girl, and the male could be a fairly normal height for a guy.

Same height couples might also have a very similar eye height, which can make it easier to maintain meaningful conversations. 

In other words, there’s no need to strain your neck looking up or down at your partner when you’re both the same height!

Some people also like the fact that same height couples don’t have much contrast between them. It’s personal preference, I guess, but smaller height differences are definitely more common in certain cultures than in others.

What are the downsides of dating someone the same height as you?

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Knowing the average height difference between couples, which is around 4-6 inches in the United States, it can seem weird to date someone the exact same height as you.

Of course, a same height couple isn’t exactly rare, especially because guys and girls these days are open to dating people of a variety of heights.

That said, some people love having a height gap between themselves and their partner. 

For example, some women like the feeling of being protected by their taller boyfriend, whereas some guys feel stronger and more masculine when their partner is shorter than them.

People are unlikely to stare or make comments if you’re the same height as your partner because it really isn’t a big deal.

But on the other hand, since most couples do have a sizable height difference, I can understand why men and women would want to replicate that within their own relationship.

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The verdict: Do same height couples look good together?

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Whether or not same height couples look good together depends on your point of view. Some people prefer a lack of height contrast, whereas others like a much bigger height gap.

One thing’s for sure; whether a couple looks good together or not depends on more than just their height. And anyway, you shouldn’t worry about how you and your partner look to other people. If you’re both happy, then that should be good enough.