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Tall girlfriend and short boyfriend: A match made in heaven? 

Tall girlfriend and short boyfriend: A match made in heaven? 

This article discusses the pros and cons of a tall girlfriend and short boyfriend relationship. 

But before we get into the article, I want to make one thing very clear: You shouldn’t base your relationships on how you think others will react.

Sure, a short boyfriend tall girlfriend relationship is quite rare, but that’s only because men are taller than women on average. There’s nothing inherently wrong with a short boyfriend and tall girlfriend relationship if both partners are happy.


Tall girlfriend and short boyfriend advantages

While a tall girlfriend and short boyfriend relationship isn’t all that common, there are still some advantages to this kind of pairing.

You’re a unique couple

Let’s be honest; if the girlfriend is taller than her boyfriend, then the couple is going to get some attention. The greater the height difference, the more stares and comments they’’ll get.

But check this out: Not all attention is bad attention. 

Some of the people who stare will actually be impressed that you make your relationship work and embrace the height difference. It shows that you’re committed to true love rather than surface-level attraction.

Of course, not everyone wants to stand out, but doing so can make you feel special and proud of the fact that your relationship is strong enough to get past any negativity.

The height difference strengthens the relationship

A happy woman putting her arms around her man

If some people make hurtful comments because you’re taller than your boyfriend, for example, then you can turn that negativity into good.

What I mean is that if you laugh the comments off and focus on your partner, you’ll strengthen your bond because you’re staying and growing together despite the comments and criticisms that are being unfairly thrown your way.

Sometimes, people make nasty comments about other people’s relationships if they themselves haven’t had a successful relationship before. So don’t take it personally; people are often more annoyed at themselves than you.

They complement each other

A romantic couple looking at each other

Sure, the guy is usually taller than the girl, but having a tall girlfriend does have its advantages, especially if you’re a short guy.

Perhaps she can reach the higher shelves at the store?

It might seem trivial, but not having to ask a stranger to pass you stuff can be a weight off your shoulders.

Some tall girls really love being tall, so if they have a shorter guy by their side, then that will naturally reinforce their height and perhaps increase their confidence.

Short boyfriend tall girlfriend disadvantages

While there’s nothing wrong with a short boyfriend tall girlfriend pairing, such a relationship does have its disadvantages.

You might get some funny looks

Two women gossiping about a guy

Some people have really thick skin. They don’t care what other people say or think about them. That’s a great way to be, but not everyone has that kind of confidence.

Therefore, if you have an unusual height difference in your relationship, it’s possible that you or your partner may strongly dislike it when people stare at you or make comments.

Thankfully, most people are pretty friendly. But you always get some that make unnecessary comments when they see a couple who look different.

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The girl might not feel as protected

A sad woman sat by herself at the beach

A lot of girls like it when their boyfriend is taller than them because it makes them feel protected.

And while a guy can be both strong and shorter than his girlfriend, the height difference might be hard for some people to look past.

I think this will be less of a problem with an average-height guy and a tall girl because, in this situation, the guy isn’t short at all. Rather, the girl is just tall.

But if the girl is a normal height and the guy is really short, then that might alter the dynamics of the relationship to where the girl doesn’t feel that protected.

The guy might feel less masculine

A boy looking upset

Obviously, there’s much more to being a man than simply being tall or displaying a particular physical characteristic.

Still, some guys will understandably feel self-conscious if their girlfriend is taller than them, especially if she towers over him (see our my girlfriend is taller than me solutions for more info).

For this reason, it can harm a man’s confidence if he’s much smaller than his partner.

But at the same time, a guy can also be really confident and secure about the situation if he embraces the height difference and focuses on other more important aspects of his relationship.

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Conclusion: How normal is a tall girlfriend and a short boyfriend?

The tall girlfriend and a short boyfriend relationship isn’t exactly common, especially if the girl is significantly taller than the guy.

Sure, a small height difference won’t get much attention, but if the girl really does tower over the guy, then some people might think that a bit strange.

Still, as we’ve seen, such a pairing can succeed in spite of the physical differences.