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Do short guys like short girls?

Do short guys like short girls?

A lot of short guys really like short girls, which is good news for short women who don’t want a guy that towers over them like a giant.

But what is it that makes short girls so attractive to short guys? Let’s find out.


Do short guys like short girls?

Do short guys like short girls? Short guys really like short girls because short women make them feel better about their own height.

Short guys may also find short girls less intimidating than their taller counterparts, meaning that they’re more likely to approach them and strike up a conversation.

Why do short guys like short girls?

Human relationships are complex and intricate, but there are some very simple reasons why short men like short women.

Short girls make them feel less short

A happy woman putting her arms around her man

Many short guys have no problem with their lack of stature, which results in a confidence that makes them very attractive.

Yet, some shorter men do feel a bit unhappy about their height.

But by dating a short girl, the short guy will look less short than he actually is because he may end up being taller than his partner or, at the very least, the same height as her.

So even if a guy is short, it’s still entirely possible for him to be the taller one in a relationship if his girlfriend is really short.

Short girls are cute

An attractive blonde woman

Short girls are cute and petite, which can make a man want to protect her. This protector vs protected dynamic can create a great romantic foundation for a wonderful relationship.

With this in mind, it’s probably not a good idea to refer to your short boyfriend as cute, as this could make him feel like you’re belittling him.

Anyway, the fact that short girls are often seen as cute can motivate shorter guys to get to know them and develop a friendship or relationship.

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Short girls might be more open to them

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Understandably, many girls don’t want to tower over their boyfriend because it might make them feel self-conscious.

But when a girl is short, this becomes less of a problem because most guys are taller than her.

Many shorter girls may still prefer a guy who’s a bit taller than them. And yet, they don’t often like the idea of their man making them look tiny, meaning that shorter guys could be more preferable height-wise.

All of this can encourage a short guy to talk to a short girl because he knows that they have a good chance of being physically compatible.


Short girls and short guys are a match made in heaven; I mean, they’re at the ideal kissing height, and they look super cute together.

Short guys like short girls because they can often seem less intimidating and more approachable than taller women, who may not want a guy that’s shorter than them.