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How can you grow 20 cm taller?

How can you grow 20 cm taller?

If you’re searching for a proven guide that will show you how to grow 20 cm taller and drastically increase your height, then I’m afraid that you’ll be searching in vain. 

You see, growing 20 cm taller is only possible for those who are still in puberty. So if your growth plates closed long ago, then there really is no way that you can increase your height by 20 cm.

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How to grow 20 cm taller

A man holding a tape measure

Growing 20 cm taller during puberty is actually fairly typical for a boy. So much of the process comes down to waiting because height is mainly genetic.

That granted, you can set yourself up for the biggest possible height increase by further stimulating growth hormone production (it’s already elevated during puberty) by getting enough sleep and doing plenty of exercise.

On top of that, you should eat a nutritious diet to create a healthy body that has the right internal environment to grow taller.

In other words, getting 20 cm taller comes down to living a healthy lifestyle and waiting for the growth spurts that naturally take place during puberty.

Now, it’s important to note that not everyone has the genetics to grow 20 cm taller—even during a period of rapid physical development.

For example, if both of your parents are short, then while you’ll still get taller during puberty, you might not get a full 20 centimeters taller.

How fast can you grow 20 cm taller?

A man getting his height measured

The typical timeframe for a developing boy to grow 20 cm taller is 5 years, which is to say between the ages of 12 and 17.

If someone has the genetics to be taller than average, then they might add 20 cm to their height at a faster rate than this.

On the other hand, some individuals might get 20 cm taller but at a slower rate (or at the same rate but at a later date).

You likely can’t significantly speed up your genetically-determined growth rate by exercising really intensely, sleeping for ages, or eating lots of protein.

While these lifestyle factors have some influence on your growth, they’re not the primary driving force behind height growth, so there’s no need to obsess over the details. 

Why would someone want to become 20 cm taller?

A businessman holding his hand above his head

Besides being a nice round number, 20 centimeters is a significant amount of height to gain. Indeed, if you grow 20 cm taller, then you’ll look much taller and bigger than you were before, and you’ll almost certainly need to wear different clothes.

Many people also believe that getting 20 cm taller will enable them to command more respect and perhaps even achieve more career success.

So when money and respect are on the table to be gained, a lot of people naturally want to grow 20 cm taller so that they can feel more powerful.

Additionally, if somebody is significantly shorter than their peers at present, they might want to increase their height by 20 cm so that they feel equal to those around them.

Of course, some people just want to be tall so that they can tower above everyone else. 

And while there are certainly some advantages to being tall, I can definitely say from experience that height isn’t the be-all and end-all of human existence.

Why is getting 20 cm taller so difficult?

A short boy next to a tall boy

Many people who want to grow 20 cm taller don’t actually have the ability to do so because their growth plates have closed.

This often leads to frustration, especially seeing as many people are used to being able to control how their body looks to a degree. For example, you can gain muscle mass, lose body fat, grow facial hair, or change your haircut.

But discussing height means talking about bones. And as you probably know, your bones stop growing soon after puberty. 

The good news is that the long bones, such as the femur and the tibia—which are responsible for a lot of your height—generally keep growing for longer than your short bones.

Still, once you’re out of puberty, the height growth phase of your life is over, and no amount of exercise, eating, sleeping, or hoping is going to add 20 cm to your height.

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In summary

As mentioned, growing 20 cm taller is perfectly normal during puberty, for males, that is.

There might even be a few examples of people who grew 20 cm taller in their later teenage years. 

But such examples only reinforce the rule, which is that most people who have already done the majority of their growing are unable to increase their height by 20 cm or anywhere close to it.


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