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How to grow an inch taller (it won’t happen in a week)

How to grow an inch taller (it won’t happen in a week)

If you want to find out how to grow an inch taller using all-natural methods, then you’re in the right place.

Unlike others, we don’t pretend that you’re magically going to add inches and inches to your height overnight. However, given enough dedication and the right genetics, there’s a solid chance that you can add one full inch to your height.

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Is it possible to grow an inch taller overnight?

A teenage boy sleeping

Is it possible to grow an inch taller overnight or not? No, it is not possible to get 1 inch taller in a day because the human body is simply not capable of growing that quickly, even during puberty.

While it’s true that a developing child can increase their height in a very short space of time, these changes in stature can take a few months to really become apparent. [1]

So if that’s the case for a child who is experiencing their peak height growth velocity, imagine how much slower things are for those almost out of puberty!

The only way to get an inch “taller” overnight is to make yourself look taller by wearing height-increasing shoes or insoles. More on those in a minute.

How can you grow an inch taller in a week?

A young man showing how to grow 1 inch taller

How can you grow an inch taller in a week? Put simply, you can’t. Your body just can’t grow that fast in 7 days. Real height growth takes time to become apparent. But the waiting will be worth the results.

Of course, if you’re long out of puberty, then adding any amount of height to your stature naturally is likely going to be impossible.

The only way to add significant amounts of height post-puberty is to make use of height-increasing products like shoes and insoles.

These devices are generally reserved for those who are really insecure about their height. So if that’s you, you might experience a big boost in confidence by getting that extra inch or so of height that you desire.

Can you grow 1 inch taller in a month?

A calendar showing the days of the month

Can you grow 1 inch taller in a month? While some individuals who are going through puberty may be able to see visual height increases in a month, growing 1 inch taller in a month is unrealistic for the vast majority of people.

The only way that an adult would be able to get an inch taller in one month is if they radically improved what was previously terrible posture.

If your posture is extremely bad and every part of your body is rounded forward, then there’s a small chance that you might be able to “grow” an inch taller in a month if you completely overhaul your posture.

Of course, stretching or improving your posture doesn’t actually elongate your bones by an inch. Rather, these lifestyle changes enable you to display the full height of your skeleton as it currently exists.

How to grow an inch taller naturally

A man demonstrating how to grow one inch taller

Now that you hopefully have realistic expectations about growing one inch taller—you can’t do it in a day or a week—let’s take a look at how you can actually “trigger” that one-inch height increase.

First of all, it has to be said that a genuine 1-inch height increase is only possible if you’re still growing. Sleeping massive amounts and doing all of the exercise in the world—although such habits release growth hormone—won’t make you any taller if your growth plates have closed. [2]

But, presuming that your body is still developing, you want to set yourself up for the best possible height increase by sleeping well, exercising daily (do both resistance training and aerobic exercise), and eating a nutritious diet.

That’s literally it. Height growth is heavily genetic, so once you’ve taken care of the big 3—diet, sleep, and exercise—there’s not much that you can do besides hoping and waiting.

Of course, in the meantime, you might be able to get a very modest height increase by standing tall and improving your posture. However, for most people, this is unlikely to lead to a full inch of height gain.

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Will becoming an inch taller make much difference to your height?

A man who is 1 inch taller than the person next to him

There’s actually an objective way to answer this question: The shorter you are, the more difference a one-inch height increase will make to your stature.

This is because, when you’re relatively short as opposed to tall, an inch represents a larger percentage increase to your overall height, meaning that it’s more noticeable.

Most of the time, an inch is definitely noticeable if you’re paying attention. So if you just want a small height boost, you could opt for a shoe with a larger heel rather than go through the trouble of acquiring special height-increasing products.

Since being taller is often associated with increased career success, you might be able to, at the very least, feel more confident at work if you improve your stature by even just an inch. [3]

Conclusion: How to grow 1 inch taller

Like any amount of growth, growing an inch taller mainly comes down to being in puberty, seeing as this is the time when your growth plates are open, and growth hormone production is at its highest.

Post-puberty, getting 1 inch taller is unrealistic for most people because their growth plates have fused. But by standing tall and perhaps choosing a more heeled shoe, you might be able to get one inch taller in a relatively short space of time.


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