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Is 5’4 short for a girl? Or is it a tall height for women?

Is 5’4 short for a girl? Or is it a tall height for women?

If you’re wondering how tall 5’4 is and whether or not it’s short for a woman, then this article is for you. Drawing on height measurement data from thousands of women, we’ll be answering this key question and more: Is 5’4 short for a woman?

As you’re about to learn, 5’4 is neither tall nor short because it’s roughly the average height for women.

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How tall is 5’4 in cm and meters?

A woman holding a measuring tape

How tall is 5’4? The height of 5 feet 4 inches is equal to 64 inches, which works out to 162.56 centimeters or 1.6256 meters.

There are also multiple ways to write 5’4. For example, online, people commonly write 5 4 (five four) as this is how a 5’4 height is usually verbally articulated.

You can also write out the full height as 5 feet 4 inches, or you can go somewhere in between and abbreviate the units to 5ft 4in.

For maximum convenience, we prefer to write 5’4 or 5’4″. This way, our readers don’t have to say the feet and inches part every time we mention a specific height, which is a lot in an article like this.

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Is 5’4 short for a girl?

A woman getting measured with a stadiometer

Is 5’4 short for a girl? No, 5’4 is not short for a girl or an adult woman and is, in fact, a very normal height for women living in the United States and similar countries.

To put things into perspective, a 5’4 woman in America would be taller than around 60% of the women that she comes into contact with.

This is because, statistically speaking, a height of 5 feet 4 inches puts a woman somewhere between the 50th and 75th height percentile for females.

So, is 5’4 tall for a girl, then? No, 5’4 is not tall for a girl because it’s a rather average height for a woman. In certain countries, 5’4″ might be considered tall, but in developed places, 5 feet 4 inches is a very normal stature for a female.

Is 5’4 petite for a woman?

A happy couple looking at each other

Is 5’4 petite for a woman? Yes, most people would agree that, despite being a common height, 5’4 is still classed as a petite height for a woman.

How can this be if many women are shorter than 5’4″?

Simple. Most men are around 5 inches taller than 5’4″. So, from a male perspective, which I think is what this question is getting at, a height of 5’4″ would definitely be considered petite for a woman.

Now, a woman who is shorter than 5′ 4″ will obviously be more petite than a woman who’s 5’4″ or taller. After all, like with anything, there are degrees of petiteness, and some women are naturally more petite than others.

Obviously, there are probably ways that you can make yourself look more petite. But based purely on height, a 5′ 4″ female frame would definitely be considered pretty petite.

Is 5’4.5 tall for a female?

A woman getting measured with a stadiometer

Is 5’4.5 tall for a female? No, although taller than average, a height of 5′ 4″ ½ isn’t considered tall. There are many women out there who are 5 feet 4 and a half inches tall.

So, as it’s a very common height, 5’4.5″ can’t be considered tall for an adult woman.

Now, if a girl who’s still developing is already 5ft 4.5in, then you could say that such a height is fairly tall for a girl of her age.

But for the vast majority of women, a height of 5ft 4.5in, while definitely not short, is far from being tall, either.

What does 5’4 look like?

A woman being measured with a stadiometer

What does 5’4 look like? In general, for a woman, 5’4 looks like a very normal height. For a man, of course, 5’4 looks considerably shorter than average.

With that said, you can see the male version of this guide (is 5’4 short for a man?) if you’d like more info on how tall or short a height of 5 feet 4 inches really is.

Obviously, depending on who they’re standing next to, a 5’4 height girl can look considerably taller or shorter than she actually is.

For example, if a 5’4 girl is standing next to another girl who’s 4 feet 11, then the 5’4 girl is going to look really tall.

Comparatively, if a 5’4 woman is standing next to a person who’s 6 foot, then she’s going to look very petite indeed.

5’4 height comparison

A woman standing next to a man

There are a few excellent height comparison tools online that you may well have heard of. These tools are great for getting a visual comparison of two or more heights.

So with this section, we wanted to do things a bit differently. Rather than give you a visual comparison, which you can find on many other sites, we wanted to articulate just how big or small a given height difference is.

4’11 compared to 5’4

The 4’11 and 5’4 height difference is a whopping 5 inches. So even though 5’4 is a fairly typical height for a woman, a 4’11 person next to a 5’4 person would look rather short.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with either height. We just want to make the point that a 5 inch height difference is very significant indeed, which you might be interested to know if you’re one half of a 4’11 and 5’4 couple.

Hopefully, this quick 4’11 vs 5’4 comparison shows you that these two heights, while very different, can definitely be complementary. 

5’3 vs 5’4

5’3 next to 5’4 looks very normal and, in many cases, identical to the latter height. Since these heights are so similar, it’s possible that, from certain angles, the 5’3 person could actually look taller than the 5’4 person if they were standing tall and the 5’4 person was slouching.

With this said, a 1 inch height difference is nothing to be concerned about because it won’t be noticeable to most people unless they’re specifically looking for it.

5’4 compared to 6’0

The 5’4 and 6’0 height difference is 8 inches, which is a lot. But this is far from a bad thing.

For example, a 5’4 girl next to a 6’0 guy looks normal in the sense that there are many couples who have this size difference and also because men are typically quite a bit taller than women.

So if you’re a 5’4 woman and your prospective partner is 6 foot, then you shouldn’t be put off by your 8 inch height difference. Both heights are good and often desired by the respective genders.

6’1 compared to 5’4

The 5’4 and 6’1 height difference is 9 inches and will be very noticeable. Still, this height gap is perfectly fine, and a 6’1 boy and a 5’4 girl can look good together.

6’1 is pretty tall for a man, which does exaggerate the height difference, but this shouldn’t be a barrier for anyone. There are definitely couples out there who are 6’1 and 5’4, respectively.

Conclusion: Is it good to be 5’4 as a woman?

A woman measuring her height with a tape measure

5’4 is a good height for a woman in that you won’t stand out in any major way because you’re neither short nor tall. 

As mentioned, however, you can still look fairly petite at 5’4″ depending on the rest of your appearance and the height of your partner.

Height is a big concern for many people, but as a 5’4 woman, you have virtually nothing to worry about stature-wise.


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