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Is 5’11 tall for a woman?

Is 5’11 tall for a woman?

One thing’s for sure; 5’11 women are tall. But just how tall? And what’s life like for a 5’11 woman?

Those are the two key questions that we’ll be discussing today. And you can also check out the other height guides below to see what life is like at a range of other heights.

Is 5’11 tall for a girl or not?

A woman being measured with a stadiometer

Is 5’11 tall for a girl or not? Yes, 5’11 is very tall for a girl because it’s a whopping 7 inches taller than average. At a height of 5 feet 11 inches, a woman will tower over most other women that she meets.

A 5ft 11in woman will be taller than almost every other female that she encounters, and she’ll also stand taller than approximately 75-80% of men, statistically speaking.

Of course, in counties where people are taller, a 5’11 girl won’t seem quite as tall. But in the US and similar places, a 5’11 female will be taller than the majority of people that she comes into contact with.

That said, there are still a good number of men who are taller than 5’11, so it’s not like a 5’11″ girl will tower above all the males that she meets. 

And anyway, research shows that a woman’s height doesn’t seem to affect her attractiveness. [1] So being a 5’11 girl is certainly not something to worry about and is, if anything, a physical feature that you should totally embrace!

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How tall is 5’11 ½ for women?

A girl getting her height measured

Considering that a height of 5’11 ½ is pretty tall for a man, it follows that 5’11 ½ is exceptionally tall for a woman because such a height would mean that a woman is likely to be taller than 95% of women around her.

Now, some women may purposely underestimate their height at 5’11.5 so that they don’t get classed as being 6 foot, which they may see as a typically masculine height. There are, of course, still women over 6 feet tall who have had major success in recent times.

Either way, being 5 feet 11 and a half inches tall as a woman is something that you should be proud of because many women actually wish they could be this tall so that they can have long legs.

Now, let’s say that you really don’t like your height. Since you can’t change it, the best thing that you can do is to deemphasize your 5’11″ frame by wearing flatter shoes and baggier clothing.

Of course, some 5’11 girls actually like to wear heels and make themselves even taller, which just goes to show that your height is really what you make of it. 

Indeed, two people of the same gender can both be 5’11 but have completely different views of their height.

How rare is it for a woman to be 5’11?

A thoughtful woman

It is very rare, statistically speaking, for a woman to be 5’11. Indeed, such a height would put a woman beyond the 95th height percentile, meaning that she’d be taller than over 95% of the women that she meets.

Considering that many people want to stand out these days, being a 5’11 girl should definitely be seen as a good thing in terms of your physical appearance. 

While there has been a history of younger tall girls being “treated” with medicine during puberty to reduce their stature, such treatments aren’t always safe and may not be necessary. [2]

After all, although it’s a rare height statistically, there are still a decent number of girls who are 5 feet 11 inches or taller.

Although social media can make people very body-conscious, it has made a lot of 5’11 girls realize that there are other girls just like them.

How tall do 5’11 women look next to other people?

A tall and short woman stood next to each other

As I explained, a 5’11 woman will look tall next to just about anyone because she’s around 7 inches taller than the average woman.

Yet, by standing next to people who are taller than her, a 5’11″ girl can look much shorter than she actually is. For this reason, some 5’11″ women opt for partners who are considerably taller than them.

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5’11 vs 6’1

5’11 compared to 6’1 looks noticeably smaller but definitely not outright short because the height difference is exactly massive.

While a 5’11 person is unlikely to ever look taller than a 6’1 individual, someone who’s 5’11 can make themselves appear slightly taller by practicing good posture.

On the flip side of this, you could exaggerate the height difference by having the taller person wear shoes with a generous heel.

5’11 vs 6’2

5’11 next to 6’2 definitely doesn’t look short, but it does look noticeably smaller. After all, a 3 inch height difference is quite significant and will easily be visible both in photos and in person.

As for whether or not a person can grow from 5’11 to 6’2, this is only possible if someone is still in puberty and has a number of years of growth ahead of them.

5’11 vs 6’3

While 5’11 next to 6’3 might not look tiny, it will look on the short side because of the sizable height difference. You can, of course, influence your perceived height by your choice of footwear and, to a lesser extent, your posture.

But even if they boosted their height significantly, a 5’11 individual probably wouldn’t get to 6’3. Indeed, the only way to grow from 5’11 to 6’3 is to have a growth spurt, which can only take place if your growth plates are open.

5’11 vs 6’4

5’11 compared to 6’4 looks quite short, but not because 5’11 is a short height. Rather, it’s because 6’4 is very tall indeed, which naturally results in a significant height difference.

5’11 vs 6’5

5’11 next to 6’5 definitely looks short, but only because 6’5 is really tall. After all, the 5’11 and 6’5 height difference is a whopping 6 inches, which is a big, blindingly obvious gap when two people are standing next to each other.

Who are some well-known female celebrities that are 5’11?

Some celebrities on the red carpet

Some popular female celebrities that are 5’11 include Uma Thurman, Michelle Obama, Gisele Bündchen, Karen Gillan, Claudia Schiffer, and Cheryl Tiegs.

The verdict on being a 5’11 woman

A woman holding a measuring tape

Being a 5’11 woman invariably means being a lot taller than most of your female friends. But out of all the reasons to physically stand out, height, especially when you’re tall, is often one of the best.

Many people think about their height a lot these days, but thanks to the rise of social media, we can see that there are lots of successful 5’11 girls, whether it be on the catwalk or on the movie set.


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