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Is 5’3 short for a girl and a good height for a woman?

Is 5’3 short for a girl and a good height for a woman?

Is 5’3 short for a woman? And, if so, just how short is 5 feet 3 inches? We’ll be answering these two questions and more in this 5’3 height guide for women.

You can also see our guide on the average female height to see a breakdown by age.

See How Your Height Compares:

How tall is 5’3?

A woman holding a measuring tape

How tall is 5’3? In metric, 5 feet 3 inches works out to 160.02 centimeters or 1.6002 meters. 

How many inches are in five foot 3? There are precisely 63 inches in 5ft 3in. 

As for how to write 5’3, there are multiple options that you can use, depending on your desired brevity.

For example, to be as clear as possible, you can write 5 feet 3 inches or even five feet three inches.

To be slightly more concise, 5’3 can be written as 5ft 3in, which makes things clear by specifying the abbreviated units.

Of course, you can simply write 5 3, or five three, which is how people commonly talk when they’re discussing specific heights.

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Is 5’3 short for a girl?

A woman being measured with a stadiometer to check her height

Is 5’3 short for a girl? Yes, I would say that 5’3 is definitely on the short side for a girl because a height of five feet 3 inches is a full inch smaller than average for an adult woman.

Now, I wouldn’t say that 5’3″ is really short for a girl because it’s a pretty common height for women in the US and similar countries. 

Statistically, at the height of 5’3″, a woman would be taller than around 40% of other women. 

This estimate will, of course, vary when looking at specific races, countries, areas, or any other non-general population group. 

Obviously, at the height of 5ft 3in, a woman will be considerably shorter than most men. 

This could be seen as ideal, given that many men prefer women who are shorter than themselves. [1]

Is 5’3 considered petite for a woman?

A man and a woman smiling at each other

Is 5’3 petite? Yes, 5’3 is definitely considered petite for a woman, given that a majority of women are taller than 5’3. 

Of course, a woman’s overall appearance, such as her weight and the way she dresses, can affect how petite she looks. But in most cases, a height of 5ft 3in is definitely small enough to be considered a petite woman.

Additionally, the height of a 5’3 woman’s partner will also influence how petite she looks. 

Basically, the taller that her partner is, the more petite she will look because there will be a greater height difference between them.

Is 5’3.5 still short for a girl?

A woman measuring her height

Is 5’3.5 short for a girl? Yes, 5’3.5 is slightly on the short side for a girl because such a height is half an inch smaller than average for a woman.

There are, of course, plenty of women who are 5’3 ½. But, statistically, most women are taller than five feet 3 and a half inches, meaning that most people would generally class 5’3.5 as quite short for a woman.

If you’re still growing and are currently 5’3.5, then it’s possible that you’ll get taller. But if your growth plates have already closed, which, for females, happens in the mid-teens, then you won’t exceed your 5’3.5 height.

Obviously, women can easily make themselves look significantly taller (Beyonce is a great example) by wearing heels or simply a shoe with a thicker heel.

Who are some popular 5’3 female celebrities and actresses?

A celebrity woman getting photographed

Some popular 5’3 female celebrities and actresses include Scarlett Johansson, Carrie Underwood, Cardi B, Billie Eilish, Natalie Portman, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Is Addison Rae 5’3?

Is Addison Rae 5’3? According to CelebHeights, Addison Rae is either 5’3 or 5’3.5. [2] However, some sources list the social media star as tall as 5’6, while other people reckon she’s 5’4.

Is Ariana Grande 5’3?

With her big personality, amazing voice, and high-heeled boots, you might think that Ariana Grande is 5’3 or even taller. And indeed, she has been listed at 5’3 or just under on a few occasions.

Other sources reckon that Ariana Grande is just over 5 feet tall, meaning that she could be a couple of inches less than the common 5’3 estimate. [2]

Is Beyonce 5’3?

Is Beyonce 5’3? No, Beyonce is definitely not 5’3. The singer-songwriter is actually more like 5’6.5 or 5’7, and her heels make her seem even taller!

What does 5’3 look like?

A woman standing next to a man

What does 5’3 look like? For a woman, 5’3 looks fairly normal, if a bit on the short side. For a man, on the other hand, a 5’3 height looks very short indeed.

To put things into perspective, I decided to compare 5’3 to other, taller heights so that you can understand just how tall 5’3 really is.

5’3 compared to 6’0

5’3 compared to 6’0 looks very short, but this is far from being a bad thing. Such a height difference is actually pretty common among male-female couples.

Indeed, a 5’3 girl and a 6’0 boy can stand next to each other and look very complementary. In this case, the boy would be a fair bit taller than average, while the 5’3 girl would be slightly shorter than usual.

5’3 next to 6’1

The 5’3 and 6’1 height difference is a whopping 10 inches, meaning that 5’3 next to 6’1 would look really small. Still, such a height difference isn’t exactly uncommon among couples.

For example, a 5’3 girl and a 6’1 boy can look great together. And if the girl is worried about being too short, then she can always wear heels or any kind of footwear that will elevate her.

5’3 next to 6’2

Despite the sizable height difference, a 6’2 and 5’3 couple can look good together due to the fact that they have such a big height gap.

Obviously, some people don’t like having such a height difference between themselves and their partner. But as I mentioned above, you can decrease the gap somewhat by wearing heels.

A 6’2 guy next to a 5’3 girl will look even taller than he already is, but if a couple is happy, then there’s nothing wrong with being 6’2 and 5’3. Indeed, some people may actually like being much shorter/taller than their partner.

5’3 compared to 6’3

5’3 compared to 6’3 will look exceptionally tall because of the massive one foot height difference. If you saw a 6’3 person next to a 5’3 person, the 6’3 individual would absolutely tower over the 5’3 girl.

Of course, there’s much more to a good relationship than just height, so a 6’3 and 5’3 couple can work just fine.

5’3 compared to 6’4

5’3 compared to 6’4 looks tiny because there’s over a foot in height difference. Although perfectly fine, such a vast height gap isn’t exactly common, which you’ll be able to attest to if you’ve ever seen a 6’4 guy next to a 5’3 girl.

5’3 next to 6’5

6’5 next to 5’3 looks really tall, not because 5’3 is tiny (although it is shorter than average), but because 6’5 is extremely tall.

Obviously, there are far more 5’3 girls than 6’5 guys. And, since some guys prefer a really big height gap, a 6’5 and 5’3 couple can look fine together, even if they may get a few stares here and there!

Conclusion: Is 5’3 a good height for a girl?

A woman getting measured with a stadiometer

A 5’3 height is good for a woman in the sense that she won’t stand out too much or get any unwanted attention as a result of her height.

A 5’3 woman is slightly on the short side—on the shorter side of average, you could say—but she’s by no means too short.

Many taller women are frustrated that they don’t look petite, which is an attribute that 5’3 women naturally have in abundance.

You should embrace your height no matter how tall you are because it’s not something that you can change. But if you ask most people, I think they’d agree that 5’3 really is a good height for a girl.


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